May Day! May Day!

It’s May 1, so that means one thing:

Compo Beach is open.

Well, it’s always open. But as of today, you need a sticker.

Early this morning, trusty Parks and Rec employees Theresa Cuseo and Don Nazzaro were at the entrance, making sure people had emblems (and did not have dogs).

May 1 beach

But watch where you walk. Parks and Rec’s great crew has not yet completed its cleanup from yesterday’s monsoon.

Photos/Chip Stephens

Photos/Chip Stephens

Right now it’s foggy and damp. But skies will clear this afternoon, and the temperature will reach 70.

With the weather we’ve had, many folks haven’t thought about beach stickers. To order online, click here.


15 responses to “May Day! May Day!

  1. Laura Myer

    As part of the Marpe/Kaner campaign, a promise was made in their “celebrating seniors” platform stating that free weekday parking permits for seniors to Compo and Burying Hill beaches would be issued. While our family is not there yet, has this promise been realized?

  2. Charles Haberstroh


    The Westport Parks and Recreation fees for the spring and summer are reviewed by the Parks and Rec.Commission in the fall. Given the lead times for stickers, it was not practical to try to implement it earlier this year. The Commission will review the proposal for free senior weekday parking passes to Compo and Burying Hill Beaches next fall. Regardless, those seniors or other residents who have financial need can reach out to the Westport Human Services Department which can arrange for free beach passes. Their phone number is 203-341-1050. Email:

    Charlie Haberstroh
    Westport Parks and Recreation Commission

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    So complicated.

  4. More complicated than it has to be I would suspect, a campaign promise is something that should be honored or spelled out clearly at the time it is made, I am sure that this small one was at least part of the lure. Good to know that this detail will be touched on in the fall, just in time for a no sticker requirement. It is not the price of the emblem, it is the principle. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and many hours for studies and questionable beach “improvements” no time for promises to seniors.

    • Charles Haberstroh


      The Compo Beach improvements are quite separate and apart from the issue of free access to seniors to The beaches during the week. The Compo Beach Committee was formed by the previous First Selectman and Jim Marpe is allowing that process go forward. Whatever is recommended by the Committee has to be agreed to by the First Selectman and then approved by the Parks and Rec. Commission, the funding bodies (BOF and RTM) and if necessary the P&Z (not in that order).

      The senior free passes has to be reviewed by the Parks and Rec. Department which will be charged with issuing the passes and monitoring their use and the Parks and Rec Commission and finally approved by the Board of Selectmen.

      Both these processes may seem complicated but both allow for ample public comment and input as well as full analysis of the financial impact to the town.

      Charlie Haberstroh

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “free access to seniors to the beaches during the week” is a question? An issue? Not just complicated, this is out of control. Despicable.

    • How many times a year do you park at the beach Nancy?

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        When I become a senior, I hope to spend many long days at the beach. Happily, I live in a municipality the same size as Westport with the same size and number of beaches and parking is free to everyone.
        Is it really a lot to ask that seniors in your town should get a break?

  6. Laura Myer

    Perhaps this platform of “Honoring Seniors” should have read in the small print of course,:: The free weekday passes for seniors proposed during this campaign will be subject to ample public comment and input, an analysis of the financial input to the town , and subject to approval by Parks & Rec,, the BOF, RTM and possibly the Board of Selectman, actually, skip this last step of approved by the Board of Selectmen as this was a loud and clear glossy and glib campaign promise.
    Seniors are just that, seniors, sounds like implementation could take quite awhile.

    • jerrymacdaid

      Haven’t you figured out yet that nothing gets done in Westport without hearings, meetings, any number of people whining about something. Even something like free weekday parking at the beach for seniors will rub someone the wrong way.