Songs Of Staples

The weather was awful. There was no publicity.

Still, those are slim excuses for last night’s maybe-half-filled Staples auditorium.

If you weren’t there to see the performance — and, based on the enormous number of musicians on stage, plenty of parents skipped their own kid’s concert — here’s what you missed.

The high school’s Symphonic Band played a haunting hymn for peace, then rocked an American salute.

Claire Smith and Jack Baylis solo with the A Cappella Choir. (Photo/Lawrence J. Zlatkin)

Claire Smith and Jack Baylis solo with the A Cappella Choir. (Photo/Lawrence J. Zlatkin)

The A Cappella Choir did Broadway proud. Then the Symphonic Orchestra galloped through a Boston Pops-style “William Tell Overture.” Daniel Shapiro soloed beautifully on a Mozart concerto. And Max Liben took conductor Adele Valovich’s baton — for only the 2nd time in her career — to lead a rousing “Danzon No. 2.”

The next Staples concerts are May 21 (Orphenians and Chamber Orchestra) and May 22 (all choirs). They’re well worth your time.

Plus, the weather will be much better.

2 responses to “Songs Of Staples

  1. Dale Eyerly Colson

    As a Staples once-upon-a time student and as a once-upon-a-time Staples parent decades later, I just simply can’t imagine a Saples musician’s parent not being there to support what a son/daughter worked so hard to bring to fruition. Tha’s just plain sad.

  2. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    I totally agree, Dale, very sad indeed. As a former member of the glee clubs and a cappella choir, I recall working very hard with my classmates in preparation for our performances. Mr. Weigle (now Dr. W) primed and prodded, pulling from us the best we had to offer. How completely thrilling on concert night to see the auditorium filled to capacity with relatives and friends, as we sang our hearts out with pride and love! How sorrowful for these young people ~