Westport Softball: Past, Present And Future

Baseball is a game of tradition.

So, apparently, is softball.

Staples softballWhen the Staples softball team dedicated its new field at Wakeman on Monday — the culmination of a 3-year, townwide project — the traditional “first pitch” ceremony offered a special twist.

Sharing the honors were current varsity co-captain Emma Moskovitz; 6th grade Little Leaguer Emily Stone, who hopes to one day be a Wrecker; Bill Meyer, longtime Westport softball coach and administrator — and Bill Constantino.


Constantino is the grandson of Ike and Pearl Wakeman, who farmed the land for years before its purchase by the town.

Now the complex includes a softball diamond.

Play ball!

Bill Constantino throws out the 1st pitch. Next to him are Bill Meyer, current varsity players, and 6th grade Little Leaguer Emily Stone. (Photo/Matthew Mandell)

Bill Constantino throws out the 1st pitch. Next to him are Bill Meyer, current varsity players including Emma Moskovitz, and 6th grade Little Leaguer Emily Stone. (Photo/Matthew Mandell)

6 responses to “Westport Softball: Past, Present And Future

  1. So…I am driving my son to school this AM, and I notice again, the great number of dogs that roam the Wakeman fields, unteathered. As I drive by the NEW SB dugouts, I see a large German Shepherd relieving itself on a trash bin and then the wall of the dugout.
    The Wakeman field complex has become another Dog Park!
    I also note signs in front of the school drop off area saying no dogs on School property during school hours – but I guess technically Wakeman is NOT school property?, and not sure what is considered start/end for school hours? I wish I had pulled out my cell phone and taken a pic – kinda like the parking scofflaws that are caught on camera 😉

  2. I hope the girls enjoy the field and have great games there. You can’t get a better guy than Billy to be involved. He is a top competitive player and the perfect person to throw the first pitch.

  3. No discussion of Westport Softball would be complete without mention of Johnny “Cannonball” Baker. He was the first of several great fast-pitch pitchers. He mentored me in that fine art, and while I pitched often and OK, I never hoped to come close to his artistry.

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Just curious about the number of girls who play little league baseball?

  5. I went to Long Lots Junior High with Charlotte Wakeman around 1956-57 was this the same family? We moved to Colorado in 1957. I also remember that my grandfather, Angus MadDonall was one of the founders of the original artists colony of Westport. The family men all liked to play softball together.

  6. Paul, the fields are school property, but run by parks and rec. The dogs are a problem. I have video of one relieving itself on the field in the middle of a game. The ump was none to pleased. At least the owner cleaned it up, before being ejected. Don’t want that dirt kicked on the umps shoes……