Lunch Box Soon To Be Empty

Sure, this is “06880.” But occasionally we wander up to 06883. Westport and Weston are pretty closely connected — especially at a place like the Lunch Box, in Weston Center.

But after today, that connection will end.

Alert reader Sarah Gross says this is the last day of the popular restaurant. It closes tomorrow, for 5 weeks.

Then a new owner takes over — and turns it into a new place. No one knows if the employees — many of whom worked there since colonial times (just kidding) (sort of) — will have jobs when it reopens, as something new.

Sarah is one of its many heartbroken customers. She just brought the devastated crew daffodils from her garden.

That brought a few smiles. Otherwise, today’s mood at the Lunch Box is as gloomy as the weather.

The Lunch Box.

The Lunch Box.


7 responses to “Lunch Box Soon To Be Empty

  1. That was the original location of the Westport Bank and Trust branch.

  2. Mary Maynard

    Please, please — whoever you are — rehire the staff that’s there. They make the community we need so much.

    • Ditto.

      The Feliciano Family think very highly of the good and courteous people who have staffed The Lunch Box for so long. We wish the new owners well and welcome you to this little corner of our lives.

  3. I know Fay will be retiring to her cabin on Lake Candlewood to create jewelry.

  4. I have been a Weston resident for 12 years… Personally, I am happy to see the Lunch Box go. Don’t get me wrong – most of the people there were very nice… but the food was mediocre at best…. and there was one male member of the staff that had a very strange sense of humor and always seemed to make me (and everyone I ever took there) uncomfortable.

    I look forward to the new restaurant!

  5. Dante and Barb took an idea and turned it into a little eating and meeting place. And then a large one. This wasn’t a Michelin three star restaurant. Never intended to be. But served its purpose: good food, good fellowship, good conversations. Good luck to the new owners, and welcome to Florida full time Mr & Mrs. Z.

  6. looking forward to new management, Have been disappointed with quality of food multiple times. the location is perfect for a real gem.

    Only was there twice maybe I had some bad luck. Can’t wait to try new place.