Oh, Doctor!

An alert “06880” reader writes (and swears every line is true):

So there I was, 4th in line at the Walgreens on the Southport line. One clerk worked feverishly to account for more than 30 items in a cart. Our line watched in amazement as the customer — a doctor in scrubs — pulled coupons from her handbag. She was like a magician drawing handkerchiefs out of a hat.

The poor clerk struggled to match the coupons to the products. Many were for wrong-size items. Back to the bag the doctor went, to find the right coupons.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, the 2 agreed on a total. The doctor abruptly turned and walked to the ATM, where she screamed, “How much is that again?” Our long line was stunned, but no one uttered a peep.

After paying, the doctor went to her car. I could not contain myself. I asked my new friends to hold my place in line. I had to see what she was driving.

It was a Mercedes S550.

Parked in the fire lane, right in front of the door.

This is not the doctor at Walgreens.

This is not the doctor at Walgreens.

13 responses to “Oh, Doctor!

  1. gil ghitelman

    If the doc in Walgreen’s looked anything like the gal pictured with the Benz
    I would cut her some slack. A whole lot of slack.

  2. How sure was Dan’s writer/witness that it was a doc? Scrubs are worn by many medical and hospital staff (unless the person announced they were “a doctor”)? Car model does not delineate financial position or liquidity. How come Walgreens did not open a second register, too?

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    A female doctor in Westport, all stressed out, driving a Mercedes, inexplicably clipping coupons at Walgreen’s,,,,,,hmmh…..must be the Affordable Care Act, the movie…rated “R” (for profanity and graphic violence)….coming soon to get YOU too!!! Brought to you by a coalition of power hungry Democrats and money hungry Republican insurance company CEO’s. Democracy at work.

  4. Julie Van Norden

    Rude and clueless people come in all shapes and pocketbooks.

  5. “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”– Benjamin Franklin

  6. While the story is interesting to read, the “doctor” angle has nothing to do with anything. Sorry to inform everyone but doctors have become like indentured servants to insurance companies, working harder and harder to earn less and less. Take a look at med school (and dental school) enrollments and you’ll be shocked and amazed at how few American born kids are entering the field. The loan burden is huge, usually exceeding $350,000 after prof school, the number of years of residency at subpar wages is burdensome, and the ability to open an office from scratch has become financially virtually impossible. Wake up, the big money is in the business field, not the heath care field.

  7. Mark Demmerle

    Maybe it was an aesthetic surgeon?
    My regular doctor friends can’t afford expensive cars anymore. Haha.

    There are the ‘haves’, ‘the have nots’ and now, ‘the used to haves’!

  8. James Holmes

    Blaming “rich doctors” is so 1990’s….If she was an actual physician I side with her on this one, go jump back into your electric car with your Obama sticker and get lost.

  9. Unbelievable, I don’t care what your chosen career or station in life is, what she did was downright rude

  10. Holly Wheeler

    If she has $350,000 in loans, how does she justify the car? Dan, how could everybody in that line stand there and keep mouths shut ??? Either to her or to the manager of Walgreen’s for not opening another register. I am going ballistic just reading this post. Reminds me of a similar situation at Walbaums deli department some 25 years ago. Some old babe pushed her way to the front of the line. For the first time in my life, I spoke up: “excuse me ma’m, there is a line here”. Didn’t do any good.

  11. Why wasn’t the “alert” writer sufficiently alert to use a smartphone to take a photo of the actual customer and the actual Mercedes. (I know, he’s
    old and doesn’t have a smartphone, right ?)

  12. Is a story like this, in which a number of basic facts are assumed rather than known, really worth bringing to the attention of the whole town? I doubt it.

  13. Sandy Soennichsen

    All anyone had to do was call the Fire Department or Police Department; but be prepared to get an earful. I guess with terrorists and serial killers running rampant in town those departments have better things to do than ticket illegally parked cars.