Help Solve Westport’s Latest Mystery

Back in the day, the downtown Saugatuck River bridge had toll gates.

For the past few decades — now called the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge — it’s been the site of anti-war protests.

These days, there’s something new there. But no one knows what.

An alert “06880” reader sent this photo, of the south side of the bridge:

Post Road bridge

So what is it?

A way for the Downtown Steering Committee to measure river traffic?

Something the Saugatuck Rowing Club uses to tell scullers they’re near the bridge?

Or just another NSA tracking device?

If you know, or think you do — or want to hazard a wild guess — click “Comments” below.

The good news: The sky looks clear. No chemtrails.

20 responses to “Help Solve Westport’s Latest Mystery

  1. Ajax Donovan

    Hopefully its a cell phone jamming device. The roads around here certainly need a few of those.

  2. Off hand I’d say it’s a weather monitoring station. The antenna is a microwave band style and the plate at the 45° angle looks like a solar power panel. Entirely guessing no facts to support my answers (SWAG). 🙂

  3. Bart Shuldman

    Just a guess-Cablevision WiFi device.

  4. Putin has identified this to be a strategic river crossing and is making preparations… He is clearly underestimating the anti-war protesters who no doubt will fight him to the death before they give up their right of assembly and free speech.

  5. @Bart: The cable Wi-Fi hot spots are about the size 18 egg carton. They are white. The hot spots even have about four round bumps on the bottom of the white boxes. They are near the “tap” where they connect the wires (drops) to houses (typically four to six screw on fittings for a small tap), and have a wire screwing into the tap. The cable system has power so the hot spots are self sufficient. There will be a quiz later. 🙂

  6. Byron Miller, Westport, CT

    What it is should be obvious to all who remember our history. Having once failed to both for see and then stop the British from landing on Compo Beach and then having their way with much of Fairfield Co., clearly some patriotic, wise and thoughtful citizen(s) or Top Secret Govt. group has perfected and placed a “2nd. British Invasion Early Warning Device” on one of our favorite Westport bridges.

  7. @Byron: No one in Westport stops for anything, including the invading British. 🙂

    • Byron Miller, Westport, CT

      Too true. I once had some neighbors who moved back to the US after living many years in the UK. The couple, Americans came back so their 3 sons could experience growing up in the US. Their youngest son, a. 7 had never lived in the US.. When he heard that we’d shot at the British way back then, he was very upset and said “If they land again, I’ll give them tea!” So with that in mind, perhaps someone will take the time to try to slow them down with some tea and maybe save Danbury this time.

  8. I bet it’s a river flooding monitor, with the antenna for sending back realtime water levels.

  9. Bobbie Herman

    I think it’s a device to measure bridge traffic with a plan to shut it down thereby creating a huge gridlock preventing anyone from exiting Westport. This nefarious plan was devised by the restaurateurs in order to keep all dining local.

    • Do I get partial credit for saying it is a weather monitoring station? Tides are part of our weather. 🙂

  10. It’s “one of those” !!!

  11. given that it appears to be solar powered it can’t do much and there’s an antenna which suggests it’s communicating. Prob counts cars. Ask CTDOT?!?!

  12. Alfred Herman

    I make sure that I have my tin foil hat on when I pass by it. It helps to quiet the voices coming from the antenna.

  13. Looks like a solar powered antenna or relay device. Perhaps for a town or county emergency communications network.

  14. Dewey Loselle

    Dan – The Downtown Steering Committee can’t take any responsibility for this one. True, a few months ago we had cameras all over town measuring traffic, but we are all done with that now. Have to find another culprit.

  15. Google images reports that this type of equipment is a solar powered cell phone service “extender”. So, did the state of CT and/or the town of Westport give permission for a cell service provider to mount this equipment on the bridge? Has cell service improved along the bridge or downtown area?

  16. Left over equipment from the Nike base.

  17. Sharon Paulsen

    To study the effect of gamma rays on man-in-the-moon marigolds.