But Wait! There’s More!

Today’s noontime post about an entitled driver at Starbucks impelled an alert “06880” reader to send along her own story — from the very same parking lot.

The photo just seems to show the usual impatient backup outside the popular coffeeteria —


— until you read the description:

This guy (not a gentleman) was coming from the Post Road. I was headed toward it.

He thought it was his right to demand that I back up since the lane he was in was stopped, while someone waited for a car to back out of its space.

So what did he do?  He drove over into my lane and again demanded I back up.  When I refused, he parked his car in the middle of the lot and went in to grab his coffee. The lot was jammed until he returned.

Is this a new low in I’m-a-very-special-person Westport behavior? Or can you top that?

I mean, “bottom” it.

30 responses to “But Wait! There’s More!

  1. I don’t go to that Starbucks anymore. It’s too crazy.

  2. It’s times like that you wish a front loader was on hand. Guarantee the entitled non-gentleman would never do that again!

  3. Catherine Barrett

    That is the only reason I refuse to go to that Starbucks. Glad to have Java!

  4. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    I have seen exactly what this reader described and I have been a victim to it as well. I suspect John Hartwell is not the only one who has since elected to go elsewhere… it is such a shame since the staff at this location is lovely, the service wonderful and great coffee… but getting from the parking lot to the store can be a very unpleasant experience.

  5. But it is situations like that when NYC doormen invented the act of keying…

    • Damaging property is not the solution. Public shaming on this website is pretty good though. Do you think he might find out and defend himself?

  6. Public shaming is exactly what is called for. Instead of posting a shot of his car, next time take a head shot as he comes out and post that. Having said that, it is likely that someone who is that much of an #@s would likely come after you if he saw you taking his picture. In that case, go to video.

  7. Remember when stores used to post bounced checks up by the cash register for all to see? Starbucks should start their own version of this practice by posting photos of this type of loutish behavior in the store. Maybe even have regular customers vote on each week’s Parking Lot Prima donna. Perhaps the prospect of seeing their behavior recorded and posted for the rest of the community to observe would make people think more clearly.

  8. Bart Shuldman

    I join the chorus in wanting the public shaming. Please don’t damage any car.

    But showing license plates is a start. Picture of the person in a situation this bad is also warranted. But it could get out of hand with faces. If done right it would be the best way to get this nonsense stopped.

  9. So much discord!!! This is a very very important person! He drives a very important German car!!! Most likely with a very important job!!! We should be beholden to have him in our great town at our former local strip joint clogging up the flow of life… I’m sure a reader could post his name his plate is quite visible.

    • Bart Shuldman

      I would like to ask other readers–does anyone else find the parking situation in our town horrible? CVS parking in front is bad. The new lot in front of the subway and cleaners bad.

      For all the cram down by our P&Z on house lot sizes and coverage, our shopping centers seem to have really bad parking lots.

      Anyone else feel the same way? Not that it takes away from what this ‘most important’ person did, but that lot is bad.

      Just had to ask.

      • Michelle Ludel

        Trader Joe’s parking lot always a disaster, and new post office location parking lot is chaos…

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  11. Adam Schwartz

    There’s only one of two solutions. A short stubby knife to flatten all four tires or a nice long key to make pretty pictures all over his car. That’ll get his attention and I bet he’ll never do it again!

  12. That sure takes the cake… or scone, or whatever… Boy Scout Troop 100’s scoutmaster Jennifer Jackson encourages, “Do a good turn daily.” My family’s good turns are often on the roads around here in the hopes some of these purposely polite behaviors rub off a bit. When Diane Farrell was First Selectman I recall she provided bumper stickers to encourage friendlier driving habits in town. Anyone remember that?

  13. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    The over the top bad behavior of the Mercedes driver at Starbucks reminds of a similar encounter I had as a newly licensed teenager in a neighboring town.
    1960’s Wilton roadways were served by a half dozen or more, dangerously outdated single lane bridges, most of which featured such limited sight lines that it wasn’t uncommon for drivers to suddenly find themselves nose-to-nose with another vehicle in mid-span.
    Such was the situation one August day, when after negotiating 90% of the length of a Wolfpit Road crossing, I found my way blocked by a showroom fresh Cadillac Coup de Ville. As the clear beneficiary of the right of way, I waited for the driver to back up and let me by. Instead, the afternoon stillness was shattered by the steady blare of the Caddy’s famous dual-horn system as the driver expressed his displeasure.
    Young, naive, and stubborn, I stood my ground despite the unrelenting assault on my hearing, which continued for some minutes, before the enormous tinted driver’s side window slide smoothly into the door panel to reveal the gargantuan red-faced, man behind the wheel.

    “Back up!” he roared, through fleshy lips in a face contorted by an enormous cigar clenched between a disorganized set of teeth.

    “You back up,” I shouted back.

    ” I don’t back up for A**holes!” he shouted louder still, smiling smugly.

    “Well, I do!” I retorted triumphantly, and promptly shifted into reverse, backed across the bridge and parked, to stand at attention, grinning and in full salute as he drove slowly by.

  14. Bob Longmuir

    A big part of the reason I moved out of Westport years ago. Too many ” important” people.

    Bob Longmuir


    • Adam Schwartz '75

      Unfortunately, no matter where you live or frequent, there are Mercedes owners just like this guy! My mother drove a Corvair most of my childhood. You’ll never see a Corvair do this! No way. Corvair owners have class and common sense.

    • Bob, et al – this is a real bummer. The love I feel for the old Westport — it’s getting ruined. I just do drive through’s now but wouldn’t and couldn’t, in that order, live there anymore. Gloria’s story is too sad and what kind of man is calling a woman an a^*&*hole?? My husband would deck him with no regrets, no kidding. Where is the world going?

  15. Holy cow, this must qualify as the official bottom. By the way, I would suspect the driver of that Mercedes is likely capable of much worse. Is it time to move to New Zealand?

  16. Bobbie Herman

    From the photo, it looks to me like there’s enough room for both cars to pass each other.

  17. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Entitlement seems to run so rampant in Westport that it has become difficult to distinguish between the offender and the offended.

  18. Hold on everybody! Calm down. Deep breath. Chill pill. I have it on good authority this was actually a shoot for another episode of http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/larry-david-larry-eats-a-pancake

  19. If the lot is full at Starbucks- go to Dunkin Donuts, McDonald, Java, Oscars, Panera, or any other coffee store!!

  20. Sharon Paulsen

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Seinfeld bit, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” – thanks for sharing Andy!! It took the caffeine driven edge off of this hot topic!! (All puns intended).

  21. Joan Constantikes

    Dan, another thought.  why not encourage readers who see this kind of bad behavior to report the license plates of the, , perps to you and you can post them, forward them to the police .or whatever.  Also viewers can report any identifying stickers –college or other types that could help identify the offender–I believe that once you galvanize public opinion, as we did in the original post road shopping center campaign, where I kept identifying the architect and the developer over and over in the letters to the editor campaign I organizebld,gradually public opinion turned in our favor and we won.  I believe your blog has enough  power to do the same, but you have to embarrass these thoughtless drivers. Best, Joan


  22. Gerald L Manning

    Well, you have the photo and license number so…report it to the police and let them cite this bozo!

  23. Holly Wheeler

    The license plate is easily visible.