“Hey, The Sign Meant No Parking On The Street…

…so I think I’ll just park here on Starbucks’ muddy lawn.”

Starbucks parking

13 responses to ““Hey, The Sign Meant No Parking On The Street…

  1. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    I am a frequent customer at this Starbucks. What I have seen transpire in the parking lot is beyond explanation. Oddly enough, everyone seems to respect the handicapped spot (thankfully) but after that, all bets are off. I have seen people leave their cars in the middle of the parking lot, block others, race to a spot and cut others off, scream at one another and continue the screaming into the store… crazy. I shudder to think what will happen once the small retail center across the street opens and customers begin to park there… it will exponentially expand the craziness to now include Starbucks customers, customers of the retail center, owners of those stores, the property owner, etc.

    • Our daughter was a barista there for almost three years. Her car ( a new Beetle which she had paid for herself) suffered greatly. On one occasion it was scraped to bare metal all along the passenger side, from end to end and the running board (or whatever that part under the door is now called) was crushed like tin foil. No Note. No nothing. Horrible behavior.

      • Dear Susan,
        Your daughter was a sweetie! I hope she is doing well. Tell her hello from the guy in the “Grammy” hat.

        • Melissa remembers you and says, “HI!” She works in Fairfield now as the Visitor’s Service Manager at the Fairfield Museum and History Center. She invites you to drop in…!

          Thank you for your kind words…I appreciate them a great deal.

          And oh, by the way, the parking is ample; AND safe! LOL

    • Terry Anzalone

      No, the handicapped spot is not respected. I had someone continue to beep at me, while I was waiting for a spot, until I moved out of the way for him to park in it!!! .

  2. Talking about needing your morning fix of joe!

  3. Bring back CRAZY VINs !
    All gentlemen parkers.

    Appoint Danny Boy an ACS !
    Authorized Citation Server
    so he can ticket these lunatics 😉

  4. Joan Constantikes

    dan, still think this piece would have more impact if , in addition to your comment,  you asked, does anybody know anyone who owns a shiny dark blue or black lexus license plate xxxxxxxx.Then readers could become detectives and check up on the perps.  Best as ever, joan constantikes


  5. They also ran over the snow spike. Good for you, showing the li. number – I think that’s fair game under such circumstances!

    • Bobbie Herman

      The license plate numbr indicates that it is a leased car. Now I don’;t know much about leased cars, but are they registered in the name of the leasor or leasee?

      • Bobbie Herman

        Sorry for the typos, I should have proofread more thoroughly.

        • Are you sure that the plate indicates leasing… I heard a news report that they created new plates because we ran out of combinations

          • The new license plate format started in July, 2013. It is not an indication that the car is leased.