Westport Mourns Michael Goodgame

Michael Goodgame — a 2011 Staples graduate, and a junior at Carleton College in Minnesota — was killed yesterday not far from the Northfield campus. He was one of 5 students in an SUV that spun out on an icy road, and was broadsided by a semitrailer. Two other students also died.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the accident occurred around 3 p.m. yesterday. All wore seat belts, and no alcohol was detected in the driver’s blood system.

The website says that Goodgame was a political science major, and a writer for the school newspaper. He was an Ultimate Frisbee player, as were other riders in the car. The Carleton team finished 3rd in the country last year. Goodgame was a former member of the swimming and diving team, a sport he excelled in at Staples.

A vigil will be held on the Carleton campus today. Details of services in Westport are not yet available.

Goodgame’s mother, Marcia Logan, is communications director for the Westport Library. His father, Dan Goodgame, is a writer and journalist. Goodgame is survived by 2 older brothers, Sam and Clayton.

Michael Goodgame

Michael Goodgame

25 responses to “Westport Mourns Michael Goodgame

  1. Omg. This is so sad.

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  2. My deepest sympathies go out the Goodgame’s and all of Michael’s friends.

  3. This just breaks my heart.

  4. Julie Van Norden

    So, so sad. Deepest sympathies to all the family.

  5. Betty Lou Cummings

    Heartfelt & deepest sympathy to the family of Michael Goodgame…Wishing you God’s comfort in the days ahead. Sincerely Betty Lou Cummings

  6. Joanne Avery

    My heart goes out to Michael’s family and to everyone else who knew and loved him.

  7. bobbi essagof

    My deepest sympathies to the Goodgame Family. I remember Michael as a great student and all around good kid at GFS. So sorry to hear of this tragic loss.

  8. Maxine Bleiweis

    The Westport Library staff mourns this tragic news and sends our sympathy to the family and all who knew Michael.

  9. What a tragedy for the Staples community and for all of Westport. Michael was loved and very respected by everyone on campus. My deepest condolences to the Goodgame family.

  10. As both a Staples and Carleton alum, this hits me twice as hard — imagining all the people in both places who are suffering right now My deepest condolences to the Goodgame family.

  11. We always thought that nobody so well fit his own name as the kid we knew simply as “Goodgame.” Michael’s natural way, his smile, his good sportsmanship, his leadership, were exemplary. He had charm, integrity, and character. We will miss him, and our hearts and prayers are with his family. —Iain, Linda and Margot

  12. Wendy Batteau

    Tragic. Profound sympathy to everyone concerned.

  13. Kaitlyn Gerber

    As both a Carleton student and a Fairfield County resident, I am stunned and saddened by the loss of Michael as well as James and Paxton. Michael was one of the most articulate, clever, and respectful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His family, and the families of the other victims, are in all of our thoughts. Deepest condolences from Northfield, MN.

  14. Lisa Marie Alter, A Mom

    To Michael’s family, and especially his mother: There simply are no words.
    We hold you in our thoughts and in our prayers.

  15. Michelle Mastrianni

    As a current Carleton student and a former member of the Staples swim/dive team, I know a lot of people who were close to Michael. I didn’t personally know him very well, but I always enjoyed reading his Carletonian articles, which were consistently well written and thought-provoking. He was a great thinker and a talented athlete. For me and many at Carleton, it still hasn’t sunk in that Michael, Paxton, and James are gone. My thoughts are with those closest to them.

  16. Robin Scarella

    Just to let u know we may not know u but our hearts are with you. I hope your family able to comfort each other. Can’t even begin to know your sorrow.

  17. Randi Kessler

    The Kessler Family sends our deepest condolences to the Goodgame Family on the tragic loss of their son Michael. We wish you strength in the days ahead.

  18. Marcy Anson Fralick

    This story made the evening news here in Tucson. I’d already seen this post, so it made it even more sad to also see it on the news. Condolences to all who knew and loved Michael.

  19. I didn’t know Michael, but I know Marcia. (From the late ’90s through the early 2000s, we both taught English at Norwalk Community College.) The two of them have been on my mind and in my heart ever since I read the news on WestportNow yesterday morning. I woke up today thinking of them as well. As someone else said, there simply are no words. My deepest condolences to the entire family.

  20. Jessica Bram

    I have been personally wracked with pain since learning of this dreadful news. This is an incomprehensible loss to a family that so many of us in Westport know and admire – not the least for the three remarkable young men they have contributed to the Staples community, our town and to the world. My sons and I send deepest condolences and wishes for healing to the Goodgame family.

  21. Holly Wheeler

    Deepest, deepest sympathies.

  22. Katie Augustyn

    I am so sorry to learn of this tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with Marcia, who I have known for many years, the entire Goodgame family, and all of Michael’s friends and loved ones.

  23. Jane Lassner Zeitchick

    The Zeitchick family is saddened at the loss of your beautiful child. Norman, Evan, Alex and I express our profound sorrow. You are in all of our thoughts.

  24. No family should ever suffer such an enormous loss. The tragedy that has befallen the Goodgames is incomprehensible and incredibly sad. My family joins with our entire town in mourning the loss of Michael. May the support and love of family ,friends and community give Marcia and her family strength and comfort.

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