Looking Back Fondly On…?

From time to time, to the delight of some readers — and the annoyance of others — “06880” waxes rapturously about long-gone relics from Westport’s past.

The Remarkable Book Shop. Allen’s Clam House. Famous Artists School.

If you’ve read this blog for more than a week — even if you moved here this winter — you probably know those names.

Now it’s time to turn the tables.

Alert (and creative) “06880” reader Erik Marcus suggests looking ahead and back, simultaneously. How about crowdsourcing current Westport stores, restaurants and institutions that — 30, 40 or 50 years from now — would deserve as much respect, if they are no longer around?

To make it interesting — and because we’ve given plenty of props already to places like Westport Pizzeria and Oscar’s — let’s limit it to relative newcomers. In other words, you can only mention something that did not exist here before 2000.

Hit “Comments” to add your favorite future nostalgia-inducers. Add a few details. And please, use your full, real name.

Will Bartaco and the west bank of the Saugatuck River still be hopping in 2054? Or will it be a long-ago memory? (Photo by Anne Hardy)

Will Bartaco and the west bank of the Saugatuck River still be hopping in 2054? Or will it be a long-ago memory? (Photo by Anne Hardy)

18 responses to “Looking Back Fondly On…?

  1. David Schaffer

    Gold’s Deli, I believe it’s been there since at least 1970 and was still there the last time I was in town. Great sandwiches and Dr. Brown’s sodas.

  2. Joey’s by the Shore.
    Silver Luggage and Gifts
    The recently and dearly departed Sally’s Place..

  3. Ohhhhhh — I have one — but you may say it doesn’t count! Art’s Deli! Does it count if it took a hiatus?

  4. Judi Simonetti

    Spotted Horse has GREAT food! I haven’t been to any of the other new places, but look forward to trying Java and the Little Barn too!


    Julian’s Brick Oven Pizzeria (next to Mansion Clam House) – awesome pizza, homemade soups and delicous salads! Our office orders daily from them — free delivery!

  6. I remember Olga Adler Interiors, the super-creative “global chic” interior design shop that opened on the Post Road way back in 2013 !!! I seem to remember that the following winter was especially harsh…

  7. Jennifer Blankfein

    Sweet Frog has done a great job providing frozen yogurt, music entertainment, high school employment opportunities and fundraising opportunities to the people of Westport.

  8. Well, since my family does not have the longevity genes of Peter Keane’s family, I feel very comfortable making the following predictions (since I won’t be around to see the 06680 follow-up column on this subject written by the still vibrant 95-year-old Dan Woog). First, I think kids will look back fondly on Sunny Daes. I have had their chocolate/raspberry sorbet combo, which is quite good. But, more importantly, I have often seen families with younger kids enjoying the gelato and sorbet on the benches outside on a nice summer night–memories those kids will probably have years from now. Second, having been at Saugatuck Sweets at their temporary opening at Xmas time and having stopped by today during their temporary reopening for Valentine’s Day–the construction should be finished in March–I am predicting they will make their mark in the Westport community.

  9. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    Dunkin’ Donuts!

  10. David J Loffredo

    I think the Saugatuck Rowing Club has been a tremendous addition to Westport and played a major role in sparking the redevelopment of Saugatuck since my guess is that the Winklevoss investment was the largest of its kind in that neighborhood before 2001 when it opened.

  11. This was a good idea, Dan, but much tougher than it appeared at first glance. Part of the problem is that so many of the new places are parts of chains and it is hard to envision “waxing rapturously” about places like Urban Outfitters and Tiffany’s. Even good suggestions like Bartaco and Sunny Daes have other outposts, although relatively local.

    Two places come to mind, both in Saugatuck. Tutti’s has a family feel that is pretty much unmatched in restaurants in these parts. The food always seems to hit the spot and Mrs. Funicello (I think that is the name) makes you feel like you are dining at her home or taking out from her kitchen. I believe they are post-2000.

    The other place is Saugatuck Grain and Grape. Nice space, young owners who seem to have and can point you to a good selection of reasonably priced wines. Plus, it is a real cool name for a liquor store!

    • Bill–But a lot of people can and do have fond memories of chain stores/restaurants from their childhood. I have seen plenty of examples of this on “Fresh Meadows Rules,” the Facebook page devoted to the Queens neighborhood where I lived before my family moved to Westport. There have been a number of posts about childhood memories of Horn & Hardart (both the retaurant and the separate retail store with some wonderful desserts), Woolworth’s, and even Bloomingdale’s, all of which were places we could easily walk to back in the day in the FM shopping center.

      • Point well taken Fred…I am sure if there was an Ebingers in Fresh Medows you have fond memories of that, as well…or were they just in Brooklyn? I guess I was more focused on the national chains which seem to get under the skin of the “06880” crowd because they can push the little guy out.

  12. Joyce Barnhart

    Shake Shack will probably be remembered, for the food and surely for the traffic problems that led to a fatal accident. (Fred Cantor – Does the Fresh Meadows FB page mention that Paul Newman lived in the apartments near the Fresh Meadows theater with he was starting his career?)

    • Joyce–yes, there are people (including my mom) who remember seeing Paul back in the day in FM and there are people who remember the exact location of his apartment because they were friends with his kids or, in one case, the person’s family moved into the apartment Paul once lived in.