Honk If You Hate More Signs

To the glut of signs everywhere in town, add this one on Church Lane near the Y:

Honk horn

Let’s hope the quarter-hour bells at nearby Christ & Holy Trinity Church are still okay.

7 responses to “Honk If You Hate More Signs

  1. Estelle T. Margolis

    This is a difficult sign for me. I ask people to Honk for Peace every Saturday morning. Many seem to agree that we should “Get out of Afghanistan NOW!” Estelle Margolis

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    What’s difficult is the insanely misplaced priorities. We should definitely get out of Afghanistan now and no one needs a sign to tell them not to honk on Church St. Keep fighting the good fight Estelle.

  3. This sign is across the street from the Spotted Horse. A week ago, my wife and I were grabbing a bite on their porch one evening (it’s heated) about the time that a stream of cars were waiting to pick up kids from a swim class or some other event at the Y. Apparently at least one of the cars was not sufficiently hugging the curb in the long line of cars and blocked traffic on the street. A car wanting to proceed through kept on honking for about 2 minutes. After that was resolved, I noticed another shorter honking incident when a parent in the pick up line, obviously absorbed in texting, failed to notice the cars in front of her had moved on.

    I suspect that is a rather common ritual that inspires honking most every week night around 7 by the Y. And, likewise, inspired this sign. While I certainly do not justify inconsiderate honking or sloppy parking, the good news is that when the Y moves the problem should be resolved, or moved about 2 miles north. And the sign should be gone.

    While I can confirm that most of the cars involved that night were SUVs, I cannot confirm if any of those honking or provoking the honking were BMWs whose owners appear to take the wrath for most parking and driving faux pas on this blog.

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Oh, thanks Bill. I’m sure the residents in the proximity of Allen Raymond Drive (formerly Sunny Lane) will be happy to hear that when the new Y is relocated to Camp Mahackeno (YTF did we allow THAT?) the parents and the geese will be knocking each other out to out honk each other. We can move the sign from Church Street to AR Drive, you’re right. That’ll help the scenery even more.

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I thought horns were honked only in NYC. It’s a cute sign, though. The last funny sign I saw was in Japan: “10 min walk (7 if run a little)”

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    p.s. Maybe the snowflakes will accumulate and cover the sign completely.
    But then, the uproar over snow removal will undoubtedly ensue.