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Yesterday, “06880” posted Jennifer Johnson’s gorgeous photo of Bedford Square.

Sitting outside SoNo bakery, an alert “06880” reader noticed how lovely Seabury Center — across from the new construction — looked in the afternoon light.

She snapped this photo:


Gazing down Church Lane toward Christ & Holy Trinity Church, she shot another:


But as she peered closer, she saw what she believes is a new utility pole.

Suddenly, she wondered: Will this lovely scene soon become a jumble of overhead power and cable lines?

She looked back toward Elm Street, and saw this cluttered mess:


Last summer, she thought that all the work on Church Lane meant that utility wires would be buried underground.

Now she’s unsure.

And very, very worried.

Tina Wessel Service: Time Change

The time for the funeral service for Tina Wessen — the well-known local homeless woman who died recently — has been changed, to accommodate arrivals from out of town.

The new time is 2 p.m., on Friday, December 9. The site is Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, in downtown Westport.

Meanwhile, the Westport Police — who helped secure medical services for Tina’s cat — have released this photo of her beloved pet:

tina-wessen-catThe cat is now safe and sound.

Happy Easter!

This was the scene earlier this morning at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church:

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

It was repeated at churches all over Westport — and at a sunrise service at Compo Beach.

Enjoy the day!

Westporters Sustain Choate

Choate Rosemary Hall — the prestigious private school in Wallingford — boasts the Kohler Environmental Center. It’s the 1st teaching and research center in US secondary education, a model of self-sustaining architecture, and the 1st education structure to achieve LEED certification by the US Green Building Council.

Students live and learn in the building, which is nearly “off the grid.” Electricity is produced on-site, and they grow their own food.

Choate's Kohler Center

Choate’s Kohler Center

When the Kohler Center received a big award on Thursday from the American Institute of Architects’ New York chapter, several Westporters were more than interested observers.

Kevin Smith was the principal architect. He’s a partner in the international firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects (and, with his wife Deirdre O’Farrelly, designed the Christ & Holy Trinity Church’s Branson Hall).

Westport’s Landtech provided site planning, and civil and environment engineering services, for the project.

As for “Kohler”: The project was written by Herbert Kohler, of plumbing products fame. He’s a Choate grad. When he was a football quarterback there — back in the day — he handed the ball off to a halfback named Earl Smith.

Earl has lived in Westport for years — and was a longtime Staples assistant football coach, under Paul Lane.


It’s Official! Holiday Season Is Here!

Well, as official as something like this can be.

This evening, First Selectman Jim Marpe lit the Christmas tree at Town Hall. Then hundreds of Westporters trooped around the corner to Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

There — in one of Westport’s newest traditions — the Orphenians sang. A band played. Soup, chili, pizza and wine were served. Nearly 2 dozen non-profits handed out flyers and candy.

And, of course, Santa Claus came to town.

CHT Xmas 1

A small portion of the large crowd in Branson Hall.

A small portion of the large crowd in Branson Hall.

The 1st Night folks had a cake.

The 1st Night folks had a cake.

State Senator Toni Boucher and Oscar's owner Lee Papageorge enjoy the evening.

State Senator Toni Boucher and Oscar’s owner Lee Papageorge enjoyed the evening.


Hit-And-Run Driver Strikes Downtown

Christ & Holy Trinity Church is a beautiful church, in the heart of downtown. They open their doors to all, in many important ways.

Which makes what happened yesterday morning even more deplorable than if it happened someplace else.

Someone tried to drive up the stairs from the parking lot to the Memorial Garden. He (or she) significantly damaged the wrought iron railings on either side of the stairway.

Church officials think the car may have gotten hung up on the step or railing. There are 2 spin marks on the ground.

Christ & Holy Trinity damage

They know it’s a Nissan since a piece of the front grill broke off. A bit of the plastic license plate frame says “Wilton.”

Keep your eye out for a Nissan — perhaps silver — with a damaged front end.

In the meantime, Christ & Holy Trinity will continue to serve all Westporters. But please: park in the lot.

Thursday Service Set For Michael Goodgame

The funeral for Michael Goodgame — the 2011 Staples graduate killed Friday in an automobile accident near Carleton College — is this Thursday (March 6, 4 p.m.) at Christ & Holy Trinity Church in Westport.

Michael Goodgame

Michael Goodgame

The Calm Before The (Next) Storm

For one day at least, Westport seemed pretty-as-a-postcard perfect.

Christ and Holy Church and Java

The forecast for tomorrow: steady snow in the afternoon. Accumulation: up to 3 inches.

Horsing Around Downtown

Depending on your perspective, this photo from Main Street shows 1 of 2 things:

Horses downtown

  • The way Westport once was, and should always remain, or
  • The way too many Westporters drive these days.

In fact, it’s a shot from last year’s holiday season. Thanks to the Westport Downtown Merchants Association, nostalgia-lovers were treated to horse-and-buggy rides. Thanks to reality, the Grinches were inconvenienced only a few days out of the year.

The WDMA rings in the 2013 holiday season tomorrow (Wednesday, December 4) with a 5 p.m. tree lighting in front of Town Hall. Hot cocoa is served afterward, on the porch of the Westport Historical Society.

Then it’s on to Christ & Holy Trinity Church, around the Myrtle Avenue corner. From 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. there’s a townwide celebration with a performance by Staples High School’s superb Orphenians, ice sculptures, hot soup from Oscar’s, Bobby Q’s chili, and dessert and special drinks from Blue Lemon.

Plus treats and gifts for kids, a fire pit, and (ho ho ho) a visit from Santa.

Local non-profits will be there too, with “wish lists” for anyone looking for meaningful alternative (or supplemental) gift-giving.

As for the horse-and-buggy rides: They’re coming the weekends of December 14-15 and 21-22. Along with strolling carolers, and cocoa and cider.

The Grinches may wonder who’s in charge of cleanup. The rest of us will just go along for the ride.

The Staples Orphenians, led by director Luke Rosenberg, at last year's Christ & Holy Trinity Church celebration.

The Staples Orphenians, led by director Luke Rosenberg, at last year’s Christ & Holy Trinity Church celebration.

Honk If You Hate More Signs

To the glut of signs everywhere in town, add this one on Church Lane near the Y:

Honk horn

Let’s hope the quarter-hour bells at nearby Christ & Holy Trinity Church are still okay.