Southport Beach Shack: The Sequel (#6)

The itinerant Southport beach shack has reappeared.

This time it was spotted behind Rogers Septic Tanks — on the Post Road, near the BP station.

Sounds like good news. Is it finally out of the way?

Not if you’re Chris Grimm, and you live nearby:

Southport beach shack 12-1

8 responses to “Southport Beach Shack: The Sequel (#6)

  1. I can’t believe Roger’s Septic Tank is still in business.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    I can’t believe someone keeps moving it around and isn’t getting in trouble for it! Covert operations – how fun!! I hope someday they can set it up for business once again, after all this.

  3. Why is it snowing on your photos? Did you set it up that way?

  4. I just prefer it wouldn’t be set up beyond my back yard. Though given that the door is wide open, they seem to only be inviting the thing to be further damaged by the elements.

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    We couldn’t seem to dig up any interest in saving our last historic oyster boat yet this POS snack shack just won’t die. Why not put it on display at Winslow Park? Wetspot!!!! You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Can’t wait for the next shack spotting. Every street has its sore eye but this one is a treasure.

  7. Cathy Smith Barnett SHS '66

    I was thinking about the beach shack the other day when I passed the house on Beachside Avenue where it sat for a while. I know the shack has been on the move for some time. But winter’s coming and I hope someone will store it in a garage or warehouse away from the snow and icy winds. I look forward to your next posting, Dan!