Straight Poop From “06880”

An alert “06880” reader took time off from cleaning her shoes to write:

I’m as dog-friendly as the average Westporter. I have nothing against our furry friends. What I do resent is when their masters walk them on school playgrounds or local parks, and leave their poop behind.

Dog shitAt Long Lots Elementary, the issue has become quite problematic. Recently, the Westport School District posted signs reminding dog walkers that the playground is used daily by children. and to please clean up dog waste. Sadly, it seems not a day goes by that head custodian Peter Barcello and his crew aren’t faced with cleaning up after someone’s pet.

Please, dog owners of Westport: Clean up after your pets when you walk them on public property!

 I’ve noticed the problem has gotten worse too, at Staples High School and the Wakeman Fields.

It could be one more sign of the actions of “entitled Westporters.” Of course, the rest of us are entitled to something too: not taking crap from dogs, and their owners.

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  1. Dear Mr. Woog,
    I beg your pardon but there are more “entitled Westport children and their parents” who leave the fields strewn with plastic bottles, various items of clothing and debris than there are irresponsible dog owners. The Wakeman fields used to be pristine woodlands that were open to dog owners and others to exercise and explore in before much of it became a filthy spit drenched astroturf (hate to think of the germs lurking there) “field” riddled with plastic bottles and carelessly left behind items of assorted sporting gear etc. We and the vast majority of dog owners we walk with, scrupulously attend to our dogs while picking up and disposing of the non biodegradable junk along the way. Apparently the head custodian failed to mention that.

    • I agree, Laura, Wakeman fields are a mess. I spend 20 minutes cleaning there before every Staples boys soccer practice (and yes, we do clean up after ourselves). During those 20 minutes I invariably also clean up dog droppings. As you alluded to, I also pick up coffee cups, New York Timeses, umbrellas and (last week) a baby stroller that had been left in the stands. Kids model the behavior of adults — those who leave garbage, and those who leave dog droppings.

  2. Lisa Marie Alter

    While I agree that the amount of litter I see strewn about Westport is deplorable, I must declare – even as a dog-owner (and one who religiously picks up after their pooch) – that the amount of excrement that we have to dodge when we take our daily walk is almost untenable. Frankly, I curse the owners who look the other way when their dog squats…

    Furthermore, one of my pet peeves (pun intended) is that the town provides minimal garbage cans to encourage poop disposal (just try locating one along Soundview Drive come next month)… the moment the town permits everyone (including from neighboring towns) to show up at Compo Beach with their dogs in tow ! WHY do they TAKE AWAY the cans at the end of the “beach season” — don’t they realize: the “beach season” never ends !

    The stroll along Hills Point, from Schlaet’s Point to the Mill Beach is strewn with poops; the walk alongside Longshore and Gray’s Creek is a mine field of turds — and forget Winslow Park (I call it Winslow Poop).

    What I always hope (after using discarded toothbrushes to scrub the poop from our shoe treads innumerable times) is that karma will get those folks who choose not to clean up after their dog – or as Carnac the Magnificent once said: “May your platform shoes fail you in a camel pasture.”

  3. For those with compelling curiosity, you can actually watch these “Poop Heads” in inaction at Compo Beach. They walk Fido illegally off the leash, and when Fido goes into the “poop position,” the “Poop Head” suddenly starts looking at seagulls or the Long Island coastline. A complete change of body language for both dog and master.
    Where is Dave and his camera when you really need him?
    06880 should publish “POOP HEADS” photos…give the kids something to do…take photos. 😉

  4. I always carry extra poop bags with me so that if I see someone
    who doesn’t feel the need to clean up after their dog I go up
    And offer them a bag and just ask if they need it.

  5. It would also be good to mention that the beach season is about to end which means families will bring their dogs to walk. Please remember to pick up after your dog once they have had their fun in the surf and sand. Families come to the beach with their children to play throughout the year.

    • Terry Anzalone

      Most beaches don’t allow dogs to roam the beaches. Can’t there be one place where children can play that isn’t loaded with both dog “poop” and urine? There are other places to walk the dogs where children aren’t digging and people are sitting?

  6. Sometimes I have a poop bag at my computer when I read some of the comments on 06880. ( Just kidding)

  7. Alan M. Beasley

    In today’s world,” laws” are not the only answer. The real answer, on too many issues, is the lack of ENFORCEMENT, without which the “law” is worthless.

    The bags protecting our newspapers are reused, everyday, when walking our dog, with proper disposal afterwards. It’s not difficult, folks.

  8. I am one of the stewards of the Haskins Preserve and while most people who walk and play with their dogs pickup after themselves…some don’t and still others do something far worse…pickup after their dog with a blue plastic bag and then leave them behind rocks and trees and other places for me and others who are equally disgusted to dispose of. So I am pleading that everywhere people publicly walk their dog or dogs…please pickup after them!

  9. Thank you, this needs to be said

    Rich Zeldes 917-509-0651

  10. To the neighbors, who are using the grass in front of my stone wall (on a private road) as their personal dog park please go elsewhere. It’s aggravating to watch this from my window and burns the lawn. I have a dog and keep him off other people’s property, a little courtesy please. It’s not the neighborly thing to do!

  11. Here here! Couldn’t agree more. As a responsible dog owner worried about losing rights due to the SELFISH people, who’s piles I see daily on lawns and public lands, I am concerned and interested what SUGGESTIONS anyone has to prevent all the responsible dog lovers from losing their rights, including any out of the box ideas.
    For instance, I would be willing for our Westport dog licenses to go from $6 per year to $10 or $12 to cover a daily pooper scooper service to scour public lands, or any other idea. I’m scared that even if we posted larger signs about Dog Rules and FINES, and attached poop bags as they do at Winslow Park, that selfish people will remain selfish…..

  12. When I lived in West Los Angeles over 12 years ago I had this problem on my front lawn. I got tired of picking up dog poop I created a sign similar to the one shown here with the international NO circle around the artwork and hung it on the palm tree in front of my house and attached to it a large bag full of plastic shopping bags for dog owners to use to pick up their pet’s poop. It was a huge success. Dog walkers from block away started coming by to see it and thanked me. Many rushed home from work to walk their dog and forgot to pick up a bag. Now they have biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags that can be used. When I visited Carmel, a major dog loving town, they had all ready created their own sign with bags that the city uses at the beach and other areas to get people to stop allowing their dogs to poop and not clean it up. There is a huge fine if you don’t pick up your dogs poop. You have the artwork all ready done. You could even charge people for the bags, but that might backfire if they are not carrying any money. Make the fine large to help offset the costs of making the signs, buying the bags and putting them at the school yard, parks, the beach and the like. It sounds like a no brainer to me, but maybe city politics get in the way. I have not lived in Westport since 1974. Good luck resolving this dog poop dilemma. I have cats. They only poop in the cat pan that is in the house. >^..^<