Paying It Forward At Carvel

Alert “06880” reader Mary Ann West spotted this item on her friend Tim Perry’s Facebook wall:

An old man walked into the Carvel in Westport the other day and ordered an ice cream cake for his grandson’s 3rd birthday.

US Navy vetA stranger saw the old man wearing a baseball cap that read “U.S. Navy Veteran.” The stranger walked up to the vet and said, “Sir, I want to thank you for your service. I would like to pay for your cake.”

The old man was surprised and thankful, and allowed the stranger to buy the ice cream cake.

That old man is my father, and the cake is for my son.

Thank you, kind stranger, for the random act of kindness, and for paying it forward. May we all learn from your kindness and gratitude.

4 responses to “Paying It Forward At Carvel


    Now that is awesome. Sorry I haven’t done the LLWS thing for you. Please don’t trying I am a slacker. Was sick with a terrible sinus infection and the start of LL fall baseball and apAL flag football has been overwhelming. Throw in work, my son running cross country at SHS and my daughter cheer leading for PAL, I am sure you understand.

    Do you still want to do it?

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  2. Parry 🙂 But thank you, Mary Ann, for sharing, and thank you, Dan, for posting (and thank you, too, kind stranger, for paying it forward!)

  3. Mary Lynn Halland

    What a wonderful thing to do.