Mill Pond Masterpiece

Westporters love looking at the house sitting on an island in the middle of Sherwood Mill Pond.

It’s a wonderful sight any time of year.

But it was particularly stunning late yesterday afternoon. A gray Labor Day weekend ended with a beautiful rainbow. The colors shined over the house, the island, the railroad in the distance — and were reflected in the Mill Pond itself.

Hat tip to alert “06880” reader Stacey Henske, for this great photo.

Stacey Henske rainbow

3 responses to “Mill Pond Masterpiece

  1. My wife pointed out to me that the place has a brand new cedar shake roof which certainly stands out in the picture.

  2. Sandy Soennichsen

    Dan- You did a piece a short time ago about this past weekend’s BBQ activities. Wow, maybe you felt the heat over the weekend while it was going on, and I felt it the last couple of days talking to people at Oscar’s. And I have to agree, $25 per person seems rather frivolous and exorbitant for any event. I don’t care what our disposable income in town is. And it wasn’t even a charity contribution, it all went to the Downtown Merchants Association. Is that right? Oh yes, I forgot, those are the indigent poor in town; the ones who just got a grant for $500,000 plus to enhance downtown. I find that to be making a mockery of the townsfolk. And they didn’t even have to pay for the space, did they? I’m sorry, it just rubs me the wrong way (can you tell?). Any others comment about the price tag? And that $25 didn’t even get you a meal!!!!!! Sandy Soennichsen (Usually proud of being a Westporter)

    Sent by Sandy from the Shadows

  3. Some of the festival proceeds will be given to the Westport Woman’s Club Food Closet. The Food Closet provides more than 500 bags of nonperishable food and more than $15,000 in grocery gift cards annually to Westport families in need.