They’re Baaaack…

…and by that I mean those unwanted, unused and very unsightly “Yellow Pages” tossed indiscriminately on everyone’s property.

Yellow pages

As shown above, they often come in bunches — one for every phone? (Note: These aren’t even the “real” Yellow Pages. Just a cheesy copycat.)

An alert “06880” reader suggests the town file littering charges for every book thrown on the ground.

It’s worth considering. And once that’s done, our next target might be all those unwanted, unread and also very unsightly Connecticut Posts.

8 responses to “They’re Baaaack…

  1. We had the Connecticut Post thrown in our driveway for a few months. We didn’t ask for them, and didn’t read them. Then, out of the blue, we received a bill for them, followed by a letter from a collection agency. My husband cleared it up with a phone call, but i wonder if they were trying to make the circulation they reported higher to increase their advertising rates.

  2. -Yellow pages litter: several municipalities, such as Seattle, have enacted opt-out ordinances, requiring publishers to pay the costs of recycling their directories.
    -Sunday Connecticut Post delivery: originally a benefit to then-subscribers of the Westport News, when it was purchased in 1999 by ThomsonReuters. The two subsequent owners (MediaNews Group and Hearst) have continued the practice, but have never updated their subscriber lists.

  3. Just like the Do Not Call List, there is an opt-out list for the phone books. You can find it at

    I signed up and it worked. Good luck!

  4. If there’s no CT pre-emption law (meaning lobbyists went to the state to stop towns from being able to regulate as they want), I do hope Westport will consider a ban on this “dumping” of papers and phone books.

    (I’ve signed up for the do-not-call list twice, but when the delivery people see five mailboxes, they simply leave five yellow bags…)

    • The Do Not Call List is useless. I am constantly getting robo calls and other solicitations. I have caller ID and if I don’t recognize the name (or if it says “Unknown Caller”) I let the answering machine pick up. Most of the time, they hang up.

  5. Does anyone under 80 still use Yellow Pages?

  6. Ironic that these directories were delivered – and left lying around – over the long weekend when many folks were away. An “advertisement” to those on the prowl (see next post on Attempted Burglaries). Opting out is a great idea!