After An Attempted Burglary: “Be Prudent”

An alert — and caring — “06880” reader who wishes to go by the initials APD writes:

Last night I was alone with one of my sons, when my dogs went crazy. I let them out. They pointed to a certain spot, barking and growling in a different way than usual. They looked like they were ready to do some serious damage.

When I stepped outside, something moved. There was a man on my property. He was between 5-5 and 5-9, wearing black with a hoodie over his head. When I said “come on dogs, let’s go get him,” he ran with all his might.

I called 911. They were fantastic. So were the police. They came in numbers, patrolled, inquired, searched.

Westport PoliceAs I recounted my story, I remembered that 2 of my garage doors were open when I got back home in late afternoon. They had been that way most of the day.

In hindsight, I believe petty thieves were “scouting” houses yesterday for Labor Day weekend looting. They saw our house with open access, no car, no dog (they were inside), and thought they had an opportunity.

I don’t think this man wanted to hurt anybody; he just was hoping for an empty house. But Westporters should be alert, and make sure they close all their doors today.

This is a nice community. Most of my friends leave their doors open once in a while. Incidents like this remind us that we need to be prudent — not paranoid, but prudent.

Needless to say, the dogs are getting lots of hugs, praise, and treats today.

13 responses to “After An Attempted Burglary: “Be Prudent”

  1. Please excuse bizarre typos, my “smartphone” has a mind of it’s own…

  2. Eric William Buchroeder

    A great and timely story. Dogs are indeed “man’s best friend.” If only dogs like yours had been “on duty” instead of George Zimmerman, nobody on either side of the issue would have been hurt.

  3. Buy a Joe Biden shotgun. Chamber a shell. Makes a beautiful sound.

  4. Audrey Hertzel

    Thanks for the alert! What part of town?
    Extra hugs and praise for the pups!

  5. Dan…thanx for keeping us always informed and enlightened. Good job. Regards.

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  6. Once people start advertising on here as part of their post, you lose readers. Dan, I am sure you will handle this properly.

    • Eric William Buchroeder

      My initial reaction was similar to yours Andy but it might have been the autosignature on Dick’s email. Let’s not rush to judgment. Dan is too nice to handle it properly.

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  7. Thanks for the heads up, although I don’t have the have the “06880” zip we live on the border to Westport. We had some issues with cars being unlocked and a few things were taken – now we always are vigilant to lock and not leave anything visible for someone to see in our cars (GPS, loose change, etc).
    I wish we had a dog, I will have to work on that with the husband, but I guess our Siamese cat will have to do!
    Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day.


  8. A Great reminder for people! I no longer have an 06880 zip code (moved to Monroe, but when I did, I was on Roseville, WE were always vigilant with our cars and belongings in the yard, and only had one theft to speak of. HOWEVER this can happen anywhere (I think Westport is and easier target, with numerous day laborers in and around town everyday and easy access to train, I95 & Merritt) recently at my home in Monroe…someone stole a back pack leaf blower out of my husbands landscaping broad daylight..abut 5 minutes after he pulled in the driveway and went inside…oh my neighbor was in his backyard and saw the little jerk running across his front yard struggling to lift the thing. Moral of the story…I have a habit of locking car doors in our “safe” Monroe driveway, which I would get teased for because “nothing happens in Monroe”….Yeah he’s singing a different tune now!! It’s a hard lesson to learn…but a little routine of locking things up..locking doors…closing garage doors etc can go a long way!!

  9. I have one more warning for folks. When you go to the gas station and get out of the car to fill-up, with just your credit card in your hand, lock your car behind you. Purse snatchers use your preoccupation with your gas cap and gas pump to reach in. It happened to me. Not in Westport and not recently, but I have made it a habit, like putting on the seat belt.