The New Yorker’s Westport Summer

As summer fades into the rear view mirror, here’s one last look back. Forty years ago, local artist Albert Hubbell’s Compo Beach illustration served as a New Yorker magazine cover:

New Yorker cover

That August 20 cover is intriguing. Eleven days earlier — rocked by Watergate — Richard Nixon had resigned as president.

I remember hearing (on a transistor radio) news reports of his humiliating departure from Washington, DC.

Where was I standing that day? In the middle of the Compo Beach pavilion, pictured above.

POST SCRIPTThat was a great tie-in, huh? Except alert and very history-conscious “06880” reader Tommy Greenwald just told me that Nixon resigned in 1974, not ’73.

My bad.

6 responses to “The New Yorker’s Westport Summer

  1. Transistor radio?. XM or Sirus

  2. Eric William Buchroeder

    Nixon!!!! I’d almost forgotten about him. He should have resigned in ’60. It would’ve saved us ALL a lot of grief. Better yet, his father should have resigned in 1912 or at least pulled it out.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Ironically David frost died today!…or at least it was reported today

  4. Ann Becker Moore

    I think I was there with you and the rest of the gang

  5. Dan, no matter. We all create a fiction to tell a certain truth.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Where can I find this cover? Anyone wanting to clean out their attic?