Silver Alert: Please Be On The Lookout

There is a Silver Alert for a missing dementia patient.

Robert Brannigan was last seen at noon, driving a gray Subaru L.L. Bean. He is not carrying identification.

If you see him, please call the Westport Police: 203-341-6000.

Robert Brannigan

Robert Brannigan

10 responses to “Silver Alert: Please Be On The Lookout

  1. Terry brannigan

    They just found him! God bless

  2. Oh! Thank heaven!

  3. Kathleen Brannigan Fazio

    Thank you SO much for posting. Thanks to the Westport Police for putting out a code red and then Silver Alert which is how we were reunited with our beloved Dad.

  4. Why, oh why does this dementia patient still have access to a car???!!!

    • Eric William Buchroeder

      Kevin, it can happen because many state agencies such as DMV are fearful of age/ADA discrimination lawsuits if they move to terminate the driving rights of a driver with a valid license so its pretty much up to the relatives of the poor person to confiscate it and risk prosecution for theft if the “dementia patient” is able to initiate a complaint. As long as the person can pass a renewal exam (which are geared to the lowest common denominator) they have the same right to drive as you or me. “Been there, she’s done that” with my late mother and it is a fact of our overly litigious lives and the exploding incidence of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Thank God this guy was found before someone was killed.

      • Kathleen Brannigan Fazio

        “This guy” is my beloved father so again thanks for your compassion and understanding.

    • Kathleen Brannigan Fazio

      Your compassion is overwhelming. Thank you

      • Eric William Buchroeder

        I meant no disrespect to you or your father or you. I experienced this situation in its totality with my mother and you have my deepest sympathy. The only point I was trying to make is that in many cases you are on your own because various elements of public policy do not recognize this type of situation. I’m sorry if I expressed myself poorly.

  5. Bruce Schneider

    I think it is great that Westport has a CodeRed system and I am very thankful that Mr. Brannigan is safe.

    What I do question is the need after 11PM to call again to say he was safe. Truth is many of us don’t expect calls that late except if it is an emergency like our elderly parent or friend. If desired, a call the next morning would have been appropriate. Westport should use a bit more discretion when issuing non-emergency all-clear CodeReds