Just Another Day At The Park

You wouldn’t know it from this picture —

Westport Little League at dinner - Rob Stone

— but these kids just pulled off one of the most unbelievable comebacks in the history of the Little League World Series.

No, of any baseball team at any level.

Make that the entire sports world.

So what do they do to celebrate?

Have a nice, relaxing dinner.

And get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

(Photo by Rob Stone)

8 responses to “Just Another Day At The Park

  1. Bobbie Herman

    Break a leg, guys.

    • Um, Bobbie, you’re thinking of guys in theater. I’m sure these baseball players appreciate the sentiment, but…

      • Bobbie Herman

        The French prefer to say “Merde,” but I was trying to keep it clean for the kids’ sake.

  2. Nadine Tanen

    Fantastic win Westport!

  3. Steven Alter

    Way to go boys!
    What an absolutely amazing comeback.
    You all should be so very proud of yourselves. We sure are!

  4. The poise and good sportsmanship displayed by this team is inspirational and they have an amazing coach as well.

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    Being there is more than fantastic…..Wow! Unbelievable team…..they never give up and wonderfully get the runs across the plate. Yea! We are so very, very proud of you and want to get our cheers loud enough to let you all know. Yaaaaaaaay!

  6. Truly a fine example of dedication, perservarence and sportsmanship to all. So proud of their achievements!! Good Luck Westport Little League!