Holy S–t!

I thought the 1969 Mets season was the epitome of incredible, exciting, unbelievable baseball.

Westport’s Little League all-stars make that year look like…well, there are no words.

There simply are no words.

Except: Amazing!

In the midst of all of today's craziness, Rob Stone took this shot of Westport's faithful.

In the midst of all of today’s craziness, Rob Stone took this shot of Westport’s faithful.

25 responses to “Holy S–t!

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Truly the NEW CARDIAC KIDS…. These kids are truly steely nerved…. Dan get them on the team for penalty kicks…. they won’t be phased

  2. mary hoffman

    NO kidding, I almost had a heart attack! BEST team effort ever! My congrats to the coaches, what a team, what a win!

  3. Awesome Victory! Those kids are unreal. Everyone should be really proud of the effort.

  4. Totally Agree!!!!
    Lori Pulichino

  5. What a great LL World Series. Two extra innings in a row. Our boys just don’t quit. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  6. Audrey Hertzel


  7. Bill Armstrong


  8. ghdamman@aol.com

    So what was the score We r in NYC no TV

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    • Westport was down 1-0, up 5-3, down 12-5 — and won 14-13 in the bottom of the 7th (extra inning). You can’t make this stuff up.

  9. YAY!!!These kids are great. Goods sportsmanship and real talent.

  10. Dan, Recruit them for your soccer team when they reach Staples!

  11. Four heart attack games in a row! I am so proud of this team for representing Westport Little League so well!!! Tim Rogers rocks!

  12. Susan Walton Wynkoop, President Westport Historical Society

    I am not faint of heart, but I may end up in the ER yet…. that is what happens when you care so much for our team Let’s leave some room in the Westport Historical Society Vault for their amazing season!!!!!

  13. Charlie Haberstroh

    I could be wrong, but reminds me of 2004 — but I am a Sox fan! Go Westport!!!!!

  14. I’m in Brazil and it’s killing me not being able to watch the games. C’mon ESPN send the games to ESPN do Brasil! Please?!

  15. Without question, one of the MOST INCREDIBLE games of LL Baseball ever played!! To follow the lead of the ’69 Mets!!

  16. Steve Saunders

    Best entertainment value ever! Amazing baseball by an amazing group of young men and coaches. Just another example of the exceptional talent and spirit which our great town owns! Go Westport!

  17. Hey Dan!!

    Ya better tell Jack MacFarlane to hang around for a while!! These kids are going to be Special when they get to Staples!!! Very Special!!

  18. Bobbie Herman

    I moved to Fairfield in 2001, but my heart has always remained in Westport. And I am so proud of these kids!!!

  19. In case anyone missed it — or just can’t get enough of these amazing young men — ESPN Classic is ‘instant’ rebroadcasting the game (started at 8:00 pm).

  20. For certain, no wiser words were ever spoken: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” especially when you’re talking about Little League!

  21. Bobbi Essagof

    Gotta love those kids.

  22. Jeanne Schwartz

    We are relatively new to Westport (2008), but are incredulous at the talent and heart of these kids! Never say never!