Can’t We All Just Get Along?

A little birdie tipped me off that Saugatuck Rowing Club members who are on the water before 7 a.m. have been waking the geese.

The geese, in turn, wake the neighbors.

The neighbors complained to the police. And now, apparently, rowers are banned before 7 a.m.

Not Westport. But it could be.

Not Westport. But it could be.

I called the club to get their side of the story, but my voicemail was not returned.

Pick your side below.

18 responses to “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Susan Schmidt

    Omg stop it. Who the fuck said that?

  2. Dan, do you swear this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke in August?

    Someone who is lucky enough to live in Westport, on a beautiful river, actually complained about Canada Geese honking? Weren’t the geese (and the rowers) there long before they moved in?

  3. Dan,
    I checked with the geese at the Sherwood Mill Pond. They said they get up regardless of what we humans do. A few geese like take-offs in the very low early morning light (they honk just before “taxiing,” others liked it when the sun was about to clear the horizon. Oh and they also said, “rowers? what rowers?”
    I can’t believe someone *actually* called the police about this burning issue.

  4. Waterfowl are early risers; my ducks get up at around 5:30 in the day and are quite noisy when I let them out,
    and the noises the neighbors are hearing are most likely just the geese being scared by the boats and the fact that geese are extremely social birds who communicate through their honks.

  5. Eric William Buchroeder

    We need another LBO (Let’s Blame Obama).

  6. This is a biased poll as geese do not have internet.

  7. John McCarthy

    I really hope this story isn’t true. And if it is, I hope the rowing club ignores this silly limit and rows whenever they want to. Just ridiculous.

  8. Shoot the geese

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  9. Ann Marie Flynn

    Some years back, neighbors on So. Compo had a rooster sent out of town because he was up before them. Possibly that rooster had been on the RTM schedule for a hearing. If it comes down to a hearing on the geese are they tried individually (would make for a long winter) or collectively…..and if there is a few low quacker can they stay? Is this wonderful town going to the birds?
    Ann Marie Flynn

  10. Werner Liepolt
    The above link is where the rowers are now through Sunday (in case anyone noticed a gaggle or two of geese sleeping in lately).

  11. Werner Liepolt

    The previous link shows where the points are added…

    This link is where you can monitor what’s happening today, tomorrow and Sunday

    And this link is where you can watch live rowing races (many with saugatuck competitors)

  12. Flights of fancy.

  13. Cathy Smith Barnett '66

    The geese can honk all they want as long as they stop pooping everywhere I walk!

  14. Bobbi Essagof

    When I first moved to Westport, 24 years ago, I had a neighbor who was building a garage on weekends and holidays only. Before complaining I called the police station and they told me there was no noise ordinance. We just ignored the noise and wound up getting to know some of the nicest people ever to live on our street. Time to move on and enjoy the sounds of nature!!!