Report From Williamsport

As the Westport Little League all-stars enjoy a day off following last night’s 3-2 opening-round win, Rob Stone — father of catcher Matt Stone — provides this glimpse into life in the limelight:

The boys are treated like rock stars whenever they are outside the players’ residences. They’re mobbed by young kids for autographs and photo ops, or doing media meetings or other events.

In between, they do what they really want: play baseball in these beautiful parks.

They have a night off tonight, and don’t play until Sunday (2 p.m., ABC-TV). We had a team family dinner — it’s a rare thing for us to see them for more than 20 minutes.

Noah Plantamuro (the ace pitcher from Edgewood, who eliminated Westport in the 10-and-Under state tournament) was down to see the Little League World Series. The Westport team has taken him in. He is a terrific kid, a great baseball player and now part of the gang. This is absolutely what youth sports should be about.

Leaving dinner tonight, enjoying life as 12-year-old rock stars.

Leaving dinner tonight, enjoying life as 12-year-old rock stars.

4 responses to “Report From Williamsport

  1. Rob, I’m delighted to read about your son’s (and his teammates’) accomplishments and experiences but I really hope you’re going to teach him how to hit that 40-yard honer so that he will
    be able to duplicate your feats on the Staples soccer field some years down the road.

  2. How cool is it for Wspt fo be in this series!!!!! Go boys. We’re with you all the way!

  3. Jo Ann Miller

    Thank You Westport Little League All-Stars. It was a fun game to watch.
    Plan to watch tomorrow. It is FUN for those of us at home in Westport to watch and cheer. ENJOY!!!! We Are!

  4. Nick Thiemann

    These kids are great. I’m looking forward to today’s game.

    Is youth sports really all about being “rock stars” and signing autographs?