Fovama’s Signs: The Sequel

Last month, Fovama Rugs plastered the town with “Going Out of Business” signs.

Now — as anyone driving down the Post Road can see — they’re having an auction.

Fovama signs

I’m not sure how many local ordinances are being broken here.

And if the answer is “none” — well, that’s quite a precedent Fovama is setting.

28 responses to “Fovama’s Signs: The Sequel

  1. I went to the “auction” on Sunday, but it was canceled because not enough people showed up.

  2. Jack Backiel

    What do you mean Fovama is going out of business? I’m 66 years old, and the first time they went out of business, I was a teenager. I wish I had a dollar for everytime they went out of business, I’d be wealthy! I’d like Dan to call the Guinness Book of World Records. This may be a world record of some type.

    • Javad Ahmadi

      In order to run a GOB sale you have to file with the state of Connecticut and they give you a permit for 90 days. If you check with the state you will find that Fovama Of Stamford filed for GOB in 1993….when we closed all our stores. and this GOB is our second time and the reason is that I am retiring from retailing Rugs…..Due to bad economy …..and losing my lease , our new Landlord has doubled our rent. You will not see another Fovama store opening in Connecticut or any where else. It is curious that in a country that is being bankrupted by corruption in its government and its banking systems…… You have to pick on a small retailer…..get a life or at least get your facts straight..

      Javad Ahmadi

      • Dear Mr Ahmadi, Here in America we have what is called a “sense of humor.” If you couldn’t recognize that my E-mail was humorous and hyperbole, then you shouldn’t be dealing with the public, and most likely, you are the cause of your own demise in the business world….again. Have a nice retirement!

  3. Bobbie Herman

    They’ll just move somewhere else under a different name.

    • Jack Backiel

      They move and use the same name of “Fovama.” I’ve seen this many,many times. I wonder what the IRS thinks.

      • Javad Ahmadi

        there is a saying

        The intelligent people talk about ideas and new schools of thoughts
        The regular people about events
        the ignorant people talk about other people

        • Thank you for the saying. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but if you’re finished writing E-mails, maybe you should start removing your signs from around town, and start looking for a rent for your new Fovama store. May I suggest downtown Fairfield?

        • Nancy Remlin

          Good luck to Javad

  4. Chris Woods

    There is no incentive for a business to follow the Town’s sign regulations, In fact the rational behavior for a business is to NOT follow the regulations, given that there is absolutely no enforcement from what I can tell.

    Fovama is not that much of an outlier compared to 10′ tall flags, costumed shills and multiple, redundant signs on every block. (The one exception in town appears to be the Kowalsky shopping centers, where it seems that the landlord knows that a nicer look is better for everyone.)

    When one business puts out two signs, the neighboring businesses rationally respond by putting out more signs in order to maintain their own visibility.

    Its a classic example of “The Tragedy of the Commons”

  5. Matt Murray

    I made a copy of Dan Woog’s rules and regs about signage from the Town and slipped it under their door (before they opened or I would have handed it to them in person).

    About two or three weeks ago I saw someone placing one of their signs at the island triangle of Easton Road/Rte. 136, Weston Road/Rte 57 I stopped (ok I was already stopped) and told him he was in violation of Connecticut laws, and he did not seem to care (no surprise there).

    The irony is, of course, that no one or very few showed up for their “auction.” Supposedly there are consumer protection laws about faking “going out of business” sales. It is a sleezy practice. I wonder what else is sleezy about their operation.

  6. Matt Murray

    Mr. Ahmadi:
    Why can you and your employees not follow the zoning regulations of the Town of Westport and the State of Connecticut, even when you had a print out and someone specifically telling the person installing the sign it was against the law? BTW, the signs placed on the Post Road are part of the State of Connecticut’s easement and must be removed. Please be a good business person and follow those regulations.

    • Javad Ahmadi

      MR Murray

      before using salacious language to sully others reputations you should
      do what individuals in any civilized community do . You should have written and complained to the authorities in Town Hall……….We did not hear any complaint from the city or the state………..about your accusations …it seems you like throwing stones … probably are a Gentleman and a scholar with puritan values.

      • Mr. Ahmadi:
        If you have been doing business in town for 20 years, you are aware of the zoning regulations. As I said, I took Dan Woog’s print out and slipped it under your door Sunday. It is now Thursday. What about my advising the person placing signs two weeks ago?
        And just for reference:
        As to my language, I pointed out your violations and speculated what else might be wrong. I am not the one at fault, you are.
        But obviously it is a moot point now. I look forward to you and your former, or soon to be former employees picking up all the signs you placed, legal or not.

  7. What reputation are you worried about? You’re going out of business forever , NEVER to return again selling rugs!

  8. Like I said. This store has been going out of biz and having these auctions for 15 at least years. Dan, why not ask the landlord what’s going on with them????

  9. Jack Backiel

    Cristina, Write a letter to the IRS in San Diego. There’s one office there that takes “tips.” It’s the only office of its kind that does this type of investigative work. Once they start, they’re relentless. They take anonymous tips too. Somewhere in this saga, there has to be some “dirt” if it’s true they’ve gone out of business 15 times.

  10. Phil Perlah

    First real snarky string since Dan required names. Refreshing.

  11. Jack Backiel

    Phil, I learned a new word today-“snarky.” I had to go look it up. The “string” started with signs on lawns and ended up at the IRS in San Diego. I like that word-snarky. I’m going to have to start using it now.

  12. I wish Mr. Ahmadi all the best. To my knowledge, he’s been a good neighbor. Snarkiness aside, I suppose the discussion about signs is fair game; but I’d rather see a dialogue about sky-high Westport rents. I don’t quite understand why commercial property owners insist on raising rents to the point where long-time tenants can no longer sustain their businesses. Think about how “V” closed when its landlord upped the rent and how long that space has remained vacant. Surely some rent is better than none. Or am I missing something here?

    • Jack Backiel

      With all this Fovama chatter, I got in the mood to go out and buy an expensive rug! Can anyone recommend a good store? Also, Prill, that restaurant you referred to could be part of a strategic move on the part of the owners. We sold that building to Robert Bruce back in the early 1980s.I think it has changed hands again, but maybe there’s a plan for the property and they need to get the tenants out. Maybe they’ll build a bowling alley there? If they do, they should open up a bar and call it Club 300.

  13. I thought posters were required to use their FULL names?

  14. Jamie Walsh

    Chris… Click on Jack and his last name pops up…Backiel.

  15. Jack– Certainly, there are factors that go into these decisions that I’m not aware of, which is why I like to temper my judgments. BTW, I hadn’t thought of the bowling alley that used to be near that building in a long time. I had my first date there. 🙂 Dan, wasn’t there also a trampoline “park” around there? And of course, who could forget the old ice skating rink.

    • Hi Prill: THANKS for the comments. Here’s a link to a story I posted last year on the bowling alley — which the Backiel family owned:

      The trampoline park — Ed Hall’s “Jumpin’ Gymonee” (!) — was sublet from the miniature golf course/driving range that is now Landsdowne Condominiums. And next door was the ice skating rink. That later became (for several minutes) the Nines Club, Lester Lanin’s “discotheque” where bands like the Youngbloods, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and ? and the Mysterians played.

  16. Jack Backiel

    Prill, The ice skating rink was at the other golf range, where Landsdown is now located. The bowling lanes were in that buiding where “Vs” was located. They took over our existing liquor license. I hope your date went well. I’m sure we were the venue for many first dates. Google Dan’s “Bowling with the Backiels” story he wrote a few months ago if you’re interested in the details.

  17. Dennis Jackson

    Political signs are one thing, but this is pollution, and a terrible precedent. Is there a law against citizens uprooting these trashy, annoying signs and tossing them into the nearest trash?