This Might Be The Greatest “06880” Photo Ever

There are many ways to sum up our 4th of July holiday feelings — why we’re so grateful to live in the United States, especially in a town like Westport.

But this photo expresses our appreciation far greater than any words:

Compo from Danbury Avenue - Betsy Kahn

Betsy P. Kahn took it from her Compo neighborhood window. It’s her favorite view — and why not?

The idyllic snapshot of life at the beach could have been taken last week (as it was) — or 50 years ago. Hence the vintage editing — perfect for a day when we look back on our past.

Happy 4th of July weekend, Betsy! Happy Independence Day holiday, Westport! Here’s to  237 more, America!

One response to “This Might Be The Greatest “06880” Photo Ever

  1. Joanne Avert

    Gorgeous picture. That is the way I think about Westport.