A Weird Way To Celebrate The 4th

Independence Day is all about revolution.

Revolution was on the mind of this Old Mill homeowner today too:

Che GuevaraIt just wasn’t the American one.

15 responses to “A Weird Way To Celebrate The 4th

  1. Jamie Walsh

    Interesting that they live in a $1m+ home in a town dominated by capitalists? Maybe, they want to rethink their patriotic allegiance by moving…far…far…away!

  2. Or maybe they can stay right where they are and exercise their freedom to display whatever flag they like.

  3. Kathi Sherman

    Good answer Tom

  4. Jamie Walsh

    You are right Tom and Kathi… The one thing we have is the right to freedom of expression and that is what makes our country great! So I expressed my freedom of expression and you both have expressed yours. Che expressed his opinion and well…we know how that ended for him…he hated the United States and everything it stands for… But you are both entitled to your opinions. Happy 4th!

  5. Suggesting banishment for flying a flag is a little Game of Thrones, even for Westport. Standing up for the right to display a Che Guevara flag is not, by some weird transitive property, tantamount to hating the U.S. Nice try. (Fox News much?)

  6. Jamie Walsh

    Tom…nobody is suggesting banishment…I just find it ironic…that’s all… Again…Tom…happy 4th of July.

  7. I think they are living still in the sixty’s and haven’t grown up ……………poor dears.

  8. Well, JENN’E LYNN, it’s spelled “sixties.” But your incisive commentary sparkles with wit and vibrates with intellectual rigor.

  9. Mary Ruggiero

    And yours with nastiness and disdain. Perhaps your sense of humor has rigor – mortis!

  10. I admit it. I do disdain people who question basic rights.

  11. Eric William Buchroeder

    I’m 61 and a “child of the sixties” (check my spelling before I commit suicide, OK?) I guess I can remember when Che Guevara was a big deal but back then I didn’t care much about Cuban revolutionaries in south America, I’ll admit it. But I can’t remember exactly what the “bottom line” was about him. Was he a good guy or a bad guy? Nelson Mandela is a good guy. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a good guy. Adolf Hitler was a bad guy. Winston Churchill was a good guy. Josef Stalin was a bad guy. WTF was Che Guevara? A good guy or a bad guy? I TOTALLY AGREE THAT ITS AS MUCH A RIGHT TO POST A PICTURE OF CHE GUEVARA AS IT IS TO POST THE FLAG. But if you post a picture, wouldn’t it be nice to say why? We’ve got better things to do than wonder why this guy hung out this picture of Che Guevara on the 4th of July weekend.

  12. Bev Breault

    Hey Che admirer how come you ain’t livin there instead of one of the best towns & location in the USA. I’m sure Chavez will let you live as well.

    • Eric William Buchroeder

      Hi Bev, I think Hugo Chavez died. Does anyone give a FF?

  13. Bev Breault

    yes he has but his brother took over. Even though Che & Hugo are dead their ideas & dictatorship still stands. I think you would give a FF if it happened here!

    • Eric William Buchroeder

      No question about that, Bev. I’d take up arms “if it happened here!” I believe in live and let live.