It Doesn’t Just Clean Itself

Last night, Compo Beach was jam-packed. Over 10,000 people crammed every available picnic table, wall and grain of sand to watch the fireworks.

They spent plenty of time eating, drinking and playing too.

When it was over, they left. And left behind literally tons of trash. Food, bottles, shoes, umbrellas, beach chairs, beach toys — the beach was, to use the technical term, a “f—in’ mess.”

By 8 this morning — just a few hours after the last revelers left their “stuff” — the beach was perfect. Pristine. Ready for another day of illegal table-saving:

cleanup ABut it didn’t just happen. Dozens of Parks & Rec employees worked feverishly to get Compo ship-shape. They picked up garbage. They hauled it away. And they groomed the sand.

Compo Beach cleanup

Compo Beach cleanup

Stuart McCarthy, Dan DeVito and the entire Parks & Rec Department do a fantastic job all year. The post-fireworks transformation may be their most remarkable feat of all.

The next time you see those guys (and gals), give them a thumb’s-up. Or thank them.

You might even offer them a cold one.

Water, that is. They’re on the job!

7 responses to “It Doesn’t Just Clean Itself

  1. Betsy'ARTforALLY'ALL

    Ya Gotta LOVE the beach people!!!! We walked this am and there was almost nothing left to do by 8am! What a fabulous town to put on such a show for everyone! But (clearly!!) the clean up crew deserves our most sincere thanks!
    Betsy p Kahn

  2. I hope this is what people remember when they pay their real estate taxes. And what they’ll think of when political season gets underway and challengers to public office rant about our high taxes due to the Town’s “irresponsible overspending.” THIS is what the spending is about. Westport is a town of high standards, and today happens to be the day that Parks & Rec exemplifies. Want “less government”? Then be prepared to wake up to 1. more garbage on the beach on July 4; 2. bigger classes; 3; slower response time when you call the police … etc. We get far more than what we pay for, no question.

  3. One other thing I have noticed this year, moreso than in the past. The “gatekeepers” at Compo seem particularly more engaged and outgoing. It seems that the wave through when they notice a beach sticker on your car is always accompanied by a big smile. That was not always the case in past years. Granted the job is one where boredom can easily set in and in the past it showed…..granted it is still early in the summer, but I have seen a difference and like it.

  4. Jamie Walsh

    Jessica, If more people picked up after themselves, as Dan stated…” The beach was literally a “f-in mess”, maybe we could lower the cost of certain services. Yes, our town services and employees are excellent but we better wrap our heads around funding our pension obligations so we can continue to enjoy the future benefits and services we all currently enjoy!

  5. Bart Shuldman

    THANKS to all that make the fireworks happen. The party at the beach was wonderful. The singers added a lot of fun. They were great. And the little rain cooled things off and the ‘cup-cake’ lady shared some great deserts. A great evening of celebration with friends and neighbors.

  6. Katie Chase

    Add Jim Deegan’s name to the cleanup crew–and the other guys who work with him. They take care of all the stuff that is correctly put into the bins labeled Recycle.

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    Dan….you are so right. Nobody knows how pressured our P&R dept .has on them. Stuart, Dan and their crew deserve a standing ovation for the fantastic job they do!