See You July 18: The 1st-Ever “06880” Party

Mark your calendar: Thursday, July 18 (6 p.m.). That’s the date of the 1st-ever “06880″ party.

Every member of the “06880″ (as in, this website) community is invited. Frequent commenters and lurkers; political activists and those-were-the-days buffs; longtime residents and newcomers — we want you there!

We extend a special invitation to our New York friends. Please, though, park well!

Good parking spots will fill up quickly for the "06880" party. Please don't invent your own.

Good parking spots will fill up quickly for the “06880” party. Don’t invent your own.

We’ll gather at Compo Beach — the alcohol-is-okay end. Bring your own food, beverages, beach chairs and blankets. Like the website, “06880″ simply provides the space to get together, have a good time, chat, laugh, and of course bitch.

There’s no charge. It’s a “fun-raiser,” not a fundraiser.

The “06880″ tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.” Let’s call this party “where ’06880′ meets each other.”

The weather should be nice and warm, so we all can chill.

18 responses to “See You July 18: The 1st-Ever “06880” Party

  1. “Where Westport meets the Woog!” Great idea, Dan. We hope to be there.

  2. In many parts of Florida, a rule for these gatherings is NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED

  3. I’m there !!!

    • Gary Singer

      As long as my third cousin Robin will be there, I’ll send regards and regrets from Sarasota. Or is that the “wong” message?

  4. Darnit! No way to get there mid-week…

    -Dan Lasley

  5. Cathy Smith Barnett

    I’m looking forward to it! Dan, is your mom going to be there too?

  6. it’s already on my calendar. can’t wait.

  7. Jason Tillotson

    Even though I know practically none of the frequent posters but have read alot, it would be nice to stop by and see Dan, the mastermind behind reporting many things the mainstream papers won’t even touch. 🙂

  8. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Dan, I got a kick out of your reusing the photo I took for a long-ago 06880 story you did on that woman in the jeep parking out on the rocks at South Beach. (And when the Compo officials on patrol caught her, the woman screamed at them and drove off going the wrong way on the one-way street, narrowly missing two grandparents with a child in a stroller!). Funny thing is that when Ken & I were having our first dinner of the summer at the beach to watch the sun set last week, he asked me in jest, “Want to go park on the rocks over there?”

    And yes, we have had July 18 @ 6 p.m. on our calendars for months! See everyone there.

  9. Michele Smolen

    Dan, I haven’t ‘blogged-in’ to you for a long while. But a day never goes by without my opening ‘06880’. And enjoying it! You keep me a “Westporter”. Thank you again. I do wish I was back East so I could thank you in person at Compo on the 18th! Have a great summer. Michele Smolen

  10. Dan, California is waiting for you!
    Michele Smolen

  11. chou chou merrill

    Looking forward to your 06880 party. Terrific idea. Is there a password at the Guard shack?

  12. Eric William Buchroeder

    Suggest (in the TRUE spirit of “Old Westport”) you have a competition for the most innovative LEGAL way to sneak into Compo Beach for your soiree WITHOUT a beach sticker or any money changing hands. (hint, you can walk, swim, sail or parachute your way in but a big portion of completing the puzzle is leaving the automobile at home thus minimizing your carbon footprint). The competition could provide great entertainment and fodder for the next week’s blog. Wish I could make it home to win the thing. Have fun!!!!!