Breaking News — Terrain Takes Demolition Request Off HDC Agenda

Sources say that Terrain has asked that its request for demolition of the house on the corner of the Post Road and Crescent Road be removed from tonight’s Historic District Commission agenda.

Terrain is believed to be working with the Planning and Zoning Commission on a parking plan that would preserve  the century-old structure.

21 responses to “Breaking News — Terrain Takes Demolition Request Off HDC Agenda

  1. Excellent! Now I can have my evening back!

  2. Cathy Talmadge

    Thank you Matt and Dan for getting the word out!

  3. William Adler

    Good work, Dan, sending out the alarm. To be fair… that’s pretty cool if Terrain cares what the community thinks. Also, their building and all those plants work more to enhance the look of the Post Road than to further its decline into strip-mall-dom!

  4. bobbi essagof

    The power of the press. Thanks Dan for watching out for all of us.

  5. I’d be happy to meet you at house and look..please contact me

  6. Special thanks to Atty Bill Britt at Brody wilkinson ober of fairfield for his input

  7. Bart Shuldman

    Lets be honest. The house sitting next to a parking lot has no value as a historic site. Now that this issue is over, hopefully, what does the town due to hold onto its past? Therr is no doubt Terrain should not have been allowed to lnock ot down. But Having this house sit where it is seems to be a waste.

    One idea is to use Barons South and have this house transported there. We can set up a historic type of outdoor museum. Move this house there. We could also move the house on Church to Barons South and create an area in town to display historic homes, etc.

    Create Barons South in a historic area for Westport to showcase its past. Be a wonderful walking park with its hills etc and a way we can use town property to create a museum type park.

    Just a suggestion. But having this house sit on the Post Road alongside used parking lots, etc seems to miss the value.

  8. Susan Walton Wynkoop, President Westport Historical Society

    Such great news and the people and the Town of Westport were heard.

  9. Great grass roots activism — kudos to Dan and all. Westport was/is one of the coolest towns on the east coast if not in the US. I treasure the memories of having a childhood in Westport. One of a kind town and glad you are all working to save what’s really unique about it and what makes it Westport, CT vs an Eden Prairie, MN which are all over the country now and incredibly ugly and souless. I hope you all can band together to stop the mcmansion takeover. Each summer visit, Westport loses some of it’s charm and we hate to see it happen. Progress is great but good taste is too. Westport can still have it all going on.

  10. Jamie Walsh

    Special thanks to the property owner Tom Curran and his partners, Matt Mandell and Cathy Talmadge for all their leadership and activism!!!

    • Wendy Crowther

      I second Jamie’s thank-you to those mentioned in his comment above. I also thank Dan for his amazing ability to expose important issues and to rally us into action. Thanks also to my fellow Westporters who expressed opinions and clarified additional facts here in Dan’s 06880, and to those who emailed the P&Z . It’s encouraging to know that our little slingshots can, in fact, stop a behemoth in its tracks.

      My mom keeps telling me that she thinks the vintage house would make an excellent tea house. She may have a good idea – Terrain Tea has a nice ring to it.

  11. Bart Shuldman

    So funny to read ex-residents speak of McMansions. As our schools have been improved, as our town gave over the top benefits to our town employees, as our roads and beaches need instant repair and maintenance , who do they think pay the taxes so that everyone benefits?

    Is it just jealousy? With tough zoning laws our homes have only improved and almost all have stuck with a New England theme. And these new families moving into our town have added to the culture and made Westport their home town.

    And finally Westport still has the small town feel. Maybe you left and do not feel it but I know it exists and exists loudly. Just look at 06880 to understand the beauty of Westport.

    • We’re each allowed our opinion. Please don’t put motives for opinions where they don’t exist — “jealousy.” Not everyone is jealous, please. I’m appreciative and grateful for all of my life including the one I live now. I just enjoy driving certain aspects of a childhood home. Just because a view point doesn’t fit yours, does not automatically make one envious. Please again! I’m allowed a view point of one who lived in Westport at a different time. You’re allowed your view and you’re welcome to it. Why stoop to accusing someone of a motive that only exists in your mind — “eye of the beholder” — when I simply appreciate what’s good about Westport? Here we go again on the 06880 train. Give me a break.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Sorry info offended you. Was not the intent.

        As for someone that lives in Westport and has been here for 19 years I would call this twin friendly, and one of small town character. It has not lost that feeling despite what some call the expansion of homes. The soccer games continue. We have our parades. And our wonderful schools and PTA’s, concerts and everything you want from a town called Westport.

        Sorry to know you moved away. Westport is wonderful and probably as wonderful as you knew it.

  12. Jamie Walsh

    Bart, as much as I like what you say in general…Westport has become a bunch of soulless McMansions. Developers think with their wallets..not their particular tastes, unless of course you can hold their feet to the fire with a stipulated judgement…and even then…do not expect this town or administration to hold a developers feet to the fire.

    • Bart Shuldman

      The standard changes every time someone does something different.


  13. Megan Acquino

    What is exactly is the historic significance of the house? Does anyone know? I remember going there as a kid when it was the Dress Barn…It was a fantastic as a retail store…very unique and the one place I did not mind going with my mom. I find it so hard t believe that it has not be used as an office…or retail location..especially by Terrain!! Surely they could use it for something!! They had a trunk show recently at the store for a wedding dress designer..Why not use the house!!!
    Very curious as to WHY it’s not being used..Speak up Terrain and explain!

  14. NiCE WORK!

  15. Mary Ann West

    I second the tea house idea, as I had suggested the same for the re-purposed Gunn House after it is moved.

    Why don’t I just get it done? I’m one of those poor Westporters’ that helps keep the median income down, otherwise, without me and many others… it would be embarrassingly high. Yeah, you can thank me later.

  16. Cathy Smith Barnett '66

    I’m glad the house has been spared. Westporters have spoken and Terrain has listened!