Questions Pop Up Downtown

Bob LeRose — owner of Bobby Q’s — posted this photo on Facebook:

Pop-up dining

He was proud to bring pop-up dining to Main Street.

That makes 4 restaurants with sidewalk seats downtown. The others are Acqua and the new Cru (basement of the Gap) — both on Parker Harding Plaza — and La Villa on Bay Street.

No good deed goes unpunished.

The 1st comment on Bobby’s post was: “Sry, don’t like loosing parking spaces on Main St… This is ridiculous & I will not support!!!!”

Several people complimented Bobby. But the same poster — John W Murray Jr — came back with: “Bobby  Q LeRose tell me how u feel when Tavern on Main, Oscars, Aqua & any other Restaurant wants to get the same exclusion… & no one can shop on Main St……”

(Note: Acqua DOES have the same “exclusion.” And for about 30  years, Oscar’s seating has taken up part of the sidewalk too.)

Joe Grushkin was one of several people who love the pop-up idea.

In fact, he wrote:

I think we should close main street to traffic all together and make it a walking mall full of kiosks, music and social happening place… go to fairfield on a week night at 8pm and the place is alive… and in Westport… crickets… thes “pop up” cafes are a huge step in the right direction… and anyone who is objecting to losing a few parking spots could probably benefit from “walking” a few extra steps to eat, shpp or play in Westport… good for you Bobby, and let’s hope Tavern gets one too… couple that with spotted horse around the corner and the night life in Westport will be back!!!…party on!!!

It’s time for an official — and spectacularly unscientific — “06880” poll (below). If you’d like to add more, click the “Comments” link too. (Remember: Full names, please!)

9 responses to “Questions Pop Up Downtown

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    It’s been a long time since I have commented. I have felt that main st. Should be a pedestrian plaza for the longest time… These are steps in the right direction.

  2. I agree with Richard,
    Close Main Street, Belgium Block the road and it would be awesome!

  3. Close Main Street.

    But can we stop calling these “pop-ups?” They aren’t. It is simply “outdoor seating.” But since pop-up restaurants were a hot trend last year, somebody wants to call these pop-ups just so Westport can sound trendy. It’s lame… and dated.

  4. alexandra Horsky

    Yes, make Main street a pedestrian walkway. Bring back the old town square idea — Support local talent – feature artists, musicians, regularly.

  5. Bobbi Essagof

    More business=more taxes paid to the town. I say go for it!

  6. Nick Thiemann

    We are giving away real estate to these restaurants. If the tables were on private property the owner would charge rent. How much a sq. ft. on Main
    Street? Pop ups are fine but we aqre ging them away.

    • Cathy Smith Barnett

      Maybe these restaurants will start charging more for “outdoor seating” and for the privilege of dining on public property???

  7. Jill Ross Beres

    close Main Street! Great idea!

  8. Susan Huppi

    I think Joanne’s right-outdoor dining is wonderful. Maybe closing the street onfri/sat.evenings would be a good compromise?