Prayers For Bob Lasprogato

Bob Lasprogato — Westport’s very popular Republican registrar of voters, justice of the peace, former 3rd selectman, Westport Community Theatre actor, Sunrise Rotary volunteer, and famed jazz musician — has been hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks.

His condition is extremely critical.

The thoughts and prayers of our entire town are with his family.

Bob Lasprogato

Bob Lasprogato

17 responses to “Prayers For Bob Lasprogato

  1. Westport Mommy

    Michele Harding

  2. Westport Mommy

    I am so sorry to hear this. I worked with Bob in radio for several years . Do you have any other details? Such a lovely man.

  3. Jamie Walsh

    Really nice person! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family!

  4. Betty Lou Cummings

    Dearest Bob, Westport needs you to get better…you are a shining light for us…our love, prayers to you and to Joan & family with hugs too…Betty Lou Cummings

  5. Gary Singer

    I am fortunate to share jazz, drumming and the Westport Community Theatre with Bob. Bunni and I send good, healthy karma from down here to up there. Our
    thoughts are with Bob and Joan.

  6. Fred Cantor

    I am really stunned to hear this. I thought I just saw him a few days ago wave to me from his car when I was walking. I’ll reach out to Joan. Our thoughts are with his family.

  7. “Keep the Fire!” Bob 😉

  8. Ann Marie Flynn

    Dear Bob….what a shocker of news! Our prayers go up for your return to health. You have done wonders for our community and we need you. Joan is also on that prayer list. Please do well my friend.

  9. Bob is such a great guy and has done so much for Westport. My heartfelt prayers are with the Lasporgatos.

  10. I Knew Bob for 50 years. Got him his first job in radio (early 60s).Great guy.Ironicaly I went to work for him at WREF in the 80s. Just saw Bob and Joan May 5 at the American Legion, as we honored his uncle Art. Wew planned to have lunch and talk about the old days. Joan so sorry to hear this. If you have time give me a call.
    Leo Motyka AKA Lee Moore

  11. What sad news. As a radio consultant, I worked with him at WREF for a while, and found him to be a true gentleman as well as a very knowledgeable broadcaster.

  12. Roy Langridge & Karen Fusci

    Bob is a dear friend of mine. We worked together at WSTC and WREF,
    Karen Fusci & Roy Langridge

  13. Dennis Jackson

    Bob has touched so many lives and been a friend to so many people in so many different areas that except for Joan, no one of us may yet appreciate the full scope of the life he continued to create with his tireless energy. Our prayers are with Bob, Joan, and their family.

  14. Michael Fast

    This is sad news indeed. I have known and worked with Bob both in radio and jazz recording sessions for over 40 years. A true gentleman and exceptional talent. My prayers are with Bob, Joan, and his family.

  15. Stephen Rubin

    Let’s all simply pray for Bob and Joan.

  16. I met Bob on the WJAZ team 30 years ago, and send my prayers. Keep swinging , Bob.

  17. Joan Wexelbaum

    I worked with Bob at WREF for several years. He was a true gentleman and a great professional. May all your wonderful memories embrace you. Joan Wexelbaum