Wait A Minute, Man!

I make plenty of mistakes.

Just yesterday, I confused Raj Rajaratnam and Rajat Gupta.

But I don’t think I’ve ever come up with a headline quite as boneheaded as this, from the current issue of the Minuteman:

Helen Garten

As the (very long) lead sentence notes, Helen Garten is a Democrat.

13 responses to “Wait A Minute, Man!

  1. Nick Thiemann

    Sadly, this is the result of what has happened to our print media. The editor, if there is one, doesn’t know Westport at all. The publisher doesn’t care, and probably spends most of his(her) time looking for a buyer. And we Democrats are left without a candidate. How do you think Jim Marpe felt when he saw it?

    • Jim Marpe probably felt as puzzled as a couple of weeks earlier, when — after the Republican Town Committee nominating process — the Minuteman ran this headline (or something very similar): “Avi Kaner Nominated For 2nd Selectman.” Not a word about Jim in the headline.

  2. Jack Farrell

    That’s really ‘bi-partisan’.

  3. Tom Prince

    Both town papers should just put themselves out of their misery–and ours. They are sad, wan, and underfunded. No news is better than pretend news that consists mostly of uncredited press releases. Just stop publishing. Please.

  4. I was really puzzled until I realized it was a non-partisan? error! Catherine Onyemelukwe, conyemelukwe@gmail.com

  5. Bart Shuldman

    She sounds like a republican as she does not want to raise taxes. Helen-come on over to the party. Looks like you get it.

  6. Bobbie Herman

    I was hoping it was a cross-endorsement.

  7. Tom Feeley

    Sad obituary to the printed news.
    Now you can wrap fish with todays newspaper.

  8. Maybe that is why it is free???

  9. Mary McGee

    I was teaching a class of third graders about newspapers on Thursday. I asked them where they think reporters get their news. The first answer was, “They make it up.”

  10. you are a a loser

  11. Bart needs to get over the idea that the GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility. That certainly hasn’t been the case nationally for decades, and locally the GOP has always tried to outspend the Dems in order to avoid the wrath of a fairly liberal population that has kids in out great schools.

    But, really, how pitiful has local news coverage gotten?

    • Bart Shuldman

      Hold on. Helen ran the Board of Finance and had serious issues with how she dealt with the OPEB issue You can say she was protecting Joseloff during his desire for Barons South and other budget issues.

      I would look at the facts first. How high did taxes increase under her leadership.

      Now lets see what she says during her campaign.