Grim Reaper Visits Staples

Today was Grim Reaper Day at Staples.

To raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) plastered the halls and lockers with informational signs and graphic posters.

A coffin near the cafeteria hammered home the point that drunk driving kills.

A video — shown to the entire school — was the day’s centerpiece. The TAG-  produced documentary featured members of the Staples and Westport communities, sharing personal stories of the impact drunk driving had on their lives.

The effect was powerful. And — in every aspect of the word — sobering.

Click below to watch the video. Click here if your browser does not link directly to YouTube.


5 responses to “Grim Reaper Visits Staples

  1. Kathie Bennewitz

    So so powerful, as have the other TAG videos in the past.–Plus to have the totaled car on the highs school grounds today is a wake up message to all drivers, young and old. I will share this and I hope others do too.

  2. Sobering indeed!

    Thanks, Dan — and thanks to TAG and the filmmakers


  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I am afraid that talking on cell phones and texting while driving is going to produce the same results as drinking and driving. Unfortunately, this problem is NOT limited to high school age kids. I am appalled at the number of adults who feel they are in control when texting/talking on cell phones when driving.

  4. hits home

  5. kirsten woods

    I dropped my son off at school yesterday…. the Nasty Twisted vehicle was quite sobering- pun intended!