Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Everyone’s got one.

So today the “06880” community honors our mothers. Whether yours is still around or long gone; whether she takes care of you or you take care of her; whether she’s always lived in Westport or just comes to visit — it doesn’t matter.

Click “Comments,” and let the world know all about your mom.

Here’s my contribution:

Here’s to Jo Woog. You no longer play tennis, but at 86 there’s little else you don’t do. You still play piano, have an active social life with a great group of Westport friends, and take care of the house I grew up in.

Jo Woog (Photo by Susan Woog Wagner)

Jo Woog (Photo by Susan Woog Wagner)

Around town, people always say, “I saw your mother the other day. She looks great. And what a personality!”

They’re right! I’m glad we share the same town. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Here’s to many more!

22 responses to “Mom

  1. Jack Backiel

    The best mother I have ever known is my wife. We have two married children in their early thirties, and in the thirty-three years we’ve been married, I have never heard my wife raise her voice, or yell, at me, my children, or anyone else. Everyone, without exception, who has ever met my wife, likes her. My wife is Judy Backiel, and not only is she the best mother in the world, she is also the best wife in the world!

  2. Cherie Quain


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  3. Eric William Buchroeder

    Your mother is lovely Dan.

  4. carissa keepin

    My mom, RettaLee Simon, just celebrated her 85th birthday. Although she no longer hangs at Compo, golfs, clogs or waterskis, she is as smart as they come. Enjoying the beauty of the lake she and I now live on in Florida and solving every crossword or seduko fills her days. She is a absolute doll!!

  5. Bobbie Herman

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Dan. She is a lovely woman.

  6. Dan, that is awesome!

  7. Your mom is quite amazing, Dan. Lovely tribute to her. My mom died in 1978, a long time ago. She was an amazing woman, and I will never measure up to the things she achieved in her life. She traveled around the world twice, in 1926 and 1937. She could cook anything. She was an incredible seamstress, made all of our clothes for years, and could upholster chairs and sofas. She was also a master gardener. She just died too soon. Hug your mom and tell her you love her. Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Bobbie Herman

    My mother and I didn’t get along too well. She had hoped I would be a clone of herself, was very disappointed that I wasn’t, and never let me forget it.

    But she taught me one thing that has helped me survive the ups and downs of my life — NEVER GIVE UP! She would never let me quit anything, and the qualities of perseverance and determination she gave me are responsible for any successes I have achieved.

    Her birthday would have been today, May 11. So, wherever you are, Mother, and I know you’re up there somewhere looking down at me, I hope you are happy and at peace. I love you.

    • Cathy Smith Barnett '66

      Bobbi, I completely understand your feelings about your mom. Mother-daughter relationships can be very trying! It’s often easy to blame your mom. It’s good you’ve made peace with her now that she’s gone, that you give her the credit she’s due but still be your own person.

  9. Gary Singer

    And my wishes for an awesome Mom’s Day to my wonderful wife and best friend, Bunni, who is celebrating her 80th birthday today.

  10. Cathy Smith Barnett '66

    My mom still “rules the roost” at age 94. She doesn’t get around as much, and as quickly, as she used to but she’s pretty sharp. It’s hard to change her mind once she gets her mind set on something. Also, a shoutout to my mother-in-law Margaret Barnett, also in her 90’s and still going strong. Happy Mother’s Day as well to Dan’s mom Jo, a kind and gracious lady.

  11. next time we we meet at The Horse, your mom is coming!

  12. Fred Cantor

    My mom is turning 86 this week and fortunately is still in pretty good health too–so I am very thankful for that. And, as I have written before, my mom helped provide the greatest gift I think any mom can: a happy childhood. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to all of the 06880 moms, past and present. PS–my mom is still a big Knicks fan, so I’m hoping the team can deliver an early Mother’s Day gift tonight.

  13. Everybody Loves Mary (my mom)

    1. fiercely loyal
    2. the best listener and advice giver (trust me on this, ALWAYS take her advice)
    3. does great imitations
    4. great cook esp at 4am when the kids got home from a night out.
    5.​ knows how to keep a secret
    ​6. always tells the truth even if you don’t want ot hear it
    7. the softest skin
    8. drinks more decaf coffee than anyone you know
    9. ​when you’re with her, you don’t want to leave
    ​10. my favorite person

  14. Dan, bless your mom – so wonderful to hear how active she is. When I bounce around Westport I keep hearing how she was “just in here” (like @ Phillip & Bruce). I always think back on how your folks gave me a travel chess set when I was about to sail to Europe on the QE2. This Mother’s Day is the first without my mom. She hated this “holiday” – called it a Hallmark promotion – but I wish she were here to give her a card and some flowers or other stuff she would have said she didn’t want!

  15. As I reedit my book about the summer of 1960 in Westport, I am reminded of my mother: Norma Fletcher Swanson. The only offspring of a Vermont state senator, she graduated from McGill University and was hired to teach Latin at East Greenwich Academy by my father, who was then Dean. Moving to Westport in 1952, she founded Hitchcock Nursery School with Katherine Budner and tutored many of Westport’s youth including our current State Senator. She found time to be a cub scout mother, help start Head Start here in Westport and found time to be a golfing legend about town. With the Vietnam War, she founded Project Hope that sent “care” packages to each and every Westport military person every month for nearly seven years. At the age of 62, she returned to college to gain her Masters Degree in Education, only to fall victim to cancer soon thereafter. A wonderful woman who never met a young child she did not find an immediate bond, her loving nature is still with me today.

  16. Dan,
    Happy Mothers Day to your Mom, so glad to hear she keeps so active and involved!!
    Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, Miriam Wall, now living in Guilford, as active as she can be at The Gables, living there with other Westporters like the Williamsons. She has done so much for the three of us, my wife, and my daughters, there just aren’t enough words to explain what a wonderful Mom she is.
    She did alot for Wesport too, all those years at Kings Highway as a teacher assistant, she was able to touch a bunch of youngsters lives with her wisdom, her caring and her love.
    Thanks for allowing us to talk about our Moms, where would we be without them!!
    Happy Mothers Day to every Mom!! To my Mom, I Love you!! Thank you!!

    Tom Wall

  17. David Stalling

    That is a beautiful tribute to your mother, Dan. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

    Many long-time Westporters might remember Barbara Stalling as the friendly, talkative woman who worked at the counter of the downtown post office for several decades. She also gave birth to and raised me, my three brothers and sister with all the love, guidance and support anyone could ever hope for in a mother. She is now 80, recently moved out of the Westport home she lived in for nearly 60 years, and is living at a nice retirement home in Trumbull. I love and miss her very much.

    To my mom and all great moms everywhere: Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Dan, so good to see a photo of your mother and to know that she is still around. Cherish her…life is way too short. Unfortunately, I have never met your mother but, I am sure that my father had, many times since he was at your house every Monday through Friday. I lost my mother in 1984, way too soon. But, the greatest gift I ever gave her, and ever could, were two loving and adoring granddaughters. She and my father lived for their granddaughters. And, to this day, my daughters have wonderful memories of their Grandmother “Jinx,” and Grandfather “Nook.” Thanks for your touching tribute to your mother.

    • Nancy, you lost your mom just six years after I lost mine, and yes, too short. At least she got to know her granddaughters and your dad too. That’s great. Wonderful that your daughters remember them.

  19. Elaine Daignault

    I couldn’t let this one slip by without a shout-out to my mom, Chandra Allen. She is an INCREDIBLE woman! At 70-something, my mom manages to stay as involved and supportive of her 10 children (yep 10) and 22 grandchildren as ever. Splitting her time between the 3 states where her children live, she may be found where ever there is a need (or a party)! She is one of the most giving and dependable people I know and she never fails to surprise us with her energy and gift of conversation. My mom is an inspiration and the glue that keeps my large family connected. I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate her beauty – both inside and out! Happy Mother’s Day Mom! YOU ROCK!