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Remembering Jo Woog

I’ve honored plenty of Westporters since “06880” began in 2009. I have an especially soft spot in my heart for those who — in their own unique way — made Westport what it was, and is.

My mother was one of those.

Jo Woog (Photo/Susan Woog Wagner)

Jo Woog (Photo/Susan Woog Wagner)

Jo Woog — who died yesterday, at 89 — was a Westporter for 60 years. In those 6 decades, she did so much. She was a PTA mom, a volunteer for countless causes, and a strong supporter of arts programs — particularly music. She played piano whenever she could, and taught it for a decade. She also played a mean game of tennis — and stopped only a few years ago.

She was a member of the Y (aerobics!), Y’s Women, the Democratic Women of Westport, and several book clubs. She went to Long Wharf, the Quick Center and Westport Country Playhouse — and kept going, until a month or two ago.

In her later years, she enjoyed the Senior Center. She took Zumba classes, played ping pong, saw movies, attended lectures and more.

There are many women like her in Westport. During the baby boom, they supported their babies. As we grew up, so did they. As empty nesters, they supported their town. As widows, they formed their own, tight-knit community.

My mother grew up in New Rochelle, and loved it. (She attended her last high school reunion 2 years ago.) But Westport was her town.

And of all the lively, fun and important things she did, I’m eternally grateful that she made it mine too.

(A service is set for Thursday, April 21, 11 a.m. at Abraham L. Green Funeral Home in Fairfield. Contributions in Jo Woog’s memory can be made to the Westport Center for Senior Activities, 21 Imperial Ave., Westport, CT 06880, or an organization of one’s choice.)



Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Everyone’s got one.

So today the “06880” community honors our mothers. Whether yours is still around or long gone; whether she takes care of you or you take care of her; whether she’s always lived in Westport or just comes to visit — it doesn’t matter.

Click “Comments,” and let the world know all about your mom.

Here’s my contribution:

Here’s to Jo Woog. You no longer play tennis, but at 86 there’s little else you don’t do. You still play piano, have an active social life with a great group of Westport friends, and take care of the house I grew up in.

Jo Woog (Photo by Susan Woog Wagner)

Jo Woog (Photo by Susan Woog Wagner)

Around town, people always say, “I saw your mother the other day. She looks great. And what a personality!”

They’re right! I’m glad we share the same town. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Here’s to many more!