O Canada!

You never know what you’ll see at the Westport dump transfer station.

A blue receptacle is used to collect plastic bags that people throw away once they’ve tossed their recyclables away. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for random white spray paint in few spots.

Westport transfer station

But look carefully. The spray paint attempts to obliterate where this container comes from.

Westport transfer station

That’s right: the City of Toronto.

Anyone know how the Town of Westport came to use it?

8 responses to “O Canada!

  1. jebby40@aol.com

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  2. Tom Feeley

    Check the other side…there should be a serial number.

  3. Mark Mathias

    Sounds like when they told the movers to ship everything, the movers followed the instructions.

  4. David Stalling

    DAN: I hope this doesn’t blow up into an international calamity – but if it does, you’ll forever be known as the writer who broke the Canadian Rubbish Crisis story of 2013. It would be terrific to see the demise of those terrible, tricky trashy terrorists from Toronto! (Where’s Sheriff Bud Boomer when we need him?)

  5. Don’t they have surveillance video at the location to identify the dumpers/transferers?

  6. Matt Murray

    Look for someone saying “good day” and “aboot” instead of “about”). 🙂

  7. Really, who cares? Movers took mine and moved them and the rest is history. Just saying…..


    Dan: You are at it again. Detective DAN WOOG on the hot and cold trail of the mysterious perpetrators.