Staples Students: A Bunch of SLOBS

Today was Service Sunday for SLOBS — or, to spell it out, Staples Service League of Boys.

Over 150 club members and their parents worked on community service projects at 8 locations around Westport (and 1 yesterday). They:

  • Painted equipment at  Compo  Beach Skate Park
  • Moved and spread 22 tons of sand and 15 tons of gravel at Earthplace
  • Performed a variety of tasks at Wakeman Town Farm
  • Did spring cleaning at the Westport Historical Society barn and grounds
  • Painted, landscaped, planted and did heavy-duty cleaning at the ABC House, Project Return, Gillespie Center, Bacharach Houses and Saugatuck Apartments.

Kids these days…

Some of the many SLOBS in action.

Some of the many SLOBS in action.

PS: Big props to Westport Pizzeria, Elvira’s, Angelina’s and Planet Pizza for keeping everyone hydrated and well fed.

17 responses to “Staples Students: A Bunch of SLOBS

  1. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Good for them for giving back to their community and beyond. I am sure the feeling of accomplishment and giving back made it all worthwhile.

  2. BRAVO!! Instead of blaming government for things not getting done, a little self help goes a long way. Nice to see it is instilled in our younger generation.

  3. Tom Feeley

    Great name…
    Well done !

  4. The reward for a job well done is having done it. R.W. Emerson

  5. You SLOBs ROCK

  6. Way to go, SLOBs!

  7. Way to go, SLOBs!


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  9. Rick Leonard

    Yesterday was Service Sunday, when the SLOBs students and their parents work hand in hand on some signature community projects in a concentrated, day-long campaign. But the reality is that the boys are working on a host of volunteer activities most weekends many months of the year to help those in need, handle assorted clean-up projects and make a difference in our community. Congrats to all involved — SLOBs students and parents — yesterday and year round. Your teamwork and volunteerism set a marvelous example for others to follow.

  10. Laurie Gendell

    All of us at A Better Chance of Westport are grateful for the time and efforts of the SLOB’s organization. They planted, mulched, raked, carted away debris, and installed a wooden garbage receptacle. All materials and labor were donated to ABC by the SLOB’s organization. Our ABC scholars benefit from working alongside their peers, understanding the importance of community service and teamwork. Thank you for your continued generosity and making our garden beautiful. Kudos to all the students and parents for a job well done!

  11. Not to rattle the cage but I always wonder why the ABC kids don’t care for their own lawn???? The other day, it appeared a professional crew was doing a spring clean up.

    • Carl, as noted by Laurie Gendell above, the ABC kids worked “alongside their peers, understanding the importance of community service and teamwork.”

      The ABC scholars spend tons of time on academics, extracurriculars and community service — as do plenty of kids who grew up in Westport. And, just like kids in Westport, they live in a home whose grounds are taken care of by professionals. I’ll leave it at that.

      • Hmmmm . . . my neighbor is a 3 sport captain at Staples and just got into Princeton. He can be seen mowing his lawn each Saturday morning with his father. I’m not sure being like other kids in Westport is a goal?

  12. Steve Stein

    Bottom line is not just the tasks accomplished by the SLOBs-
    It’s being role models for volunteerism, involvement and helping out their community- Way to go!!

    By the way- Are there various levels of slobdom- ie little SLOBs, big SLOBs and incredible SLOBs- or is that just something we see at home, at work, etc

  13. AnnMarie Massie

    You can’t judge a book by its cover. As President of Service League of Boys, I want to make clear that the cleanup crew working at the ABC House last Friday was contracted by the SLOBs project site leader. Each project was allocated funds, which we raise solely for the purpose of funding Service Sunday, and the SLOBs project leader made the decision that it made more sense to have the grounds in shape so that the SLOB and ABC boys would be able to focus their day on mulching, weeding, planting and painting, which was the Service Sunday goal.