Citgo Closes; Great “Details” Lost

Similar businesses often congregate in the same area.

There are the diamond and garment districts in Manhattan. The food shops of Arthur Avenue.

And the car detailers on Westport’s Post Road, near Bertucci’s.

For years there were 2, separated only by 4 lanes of whizzing traffic. Everyone knows Westport Wash & Wax; it’s a big operation, with a large sign.

For the past 23 years though, Ken Paolini has built a loyal following in the Citgo station across the street. He’s been there ever since he asked then-owner Gloria DeMattia if he could use 1 bay.

Ken Paolini gets the DARE Hummer looking good, after a rough winter.

Ken Paolini helps the DARE Hummer sparkle, after a rough winter.

He and a couple of employees do it all: full detailing, vacuuming, door jambs, trunks, hand washing. (Occasionally, if there’s no time for the hand wash, they send business across the street.) Ken charges $25 $140 for cars, more for SUVs.

Over the years — relying only on word of mouth — he’s built a great base of customers. He’s loved them, and they return the favor.

But now the station has been sold. The service bays are becoming one more convenience self-serve fast-food store, and Ken will be gone. He’s looking for a new spot, and may end up in Fairfield. (A few customers are scouting locations for him.)

In the meantime, he’s got 4 to 6 months left.

The good news: With the Citgo station closed, he’s using all 3 bays.

19 responses to “Citgo Closes; Great “Details” Lost

  1. I have been doing business with Ken and his crew for years, they’re the best and I hope he finds a new and convenient location soon.

  2. A full detail costs $25.00 ?

    • Dan probably meant $250.

      That is more the going rate for an In / Out detail job:

      -Hand Wash Exterior
      -Clay Bar Exterior
      -Compound, Polish, Wax Exterior
      -“Dress” Tires and Trim
      -Wash Floor Mats
      -Vacuum Interior
      -Shampoo Rugs
      -Treat Leather Seats / Trim (If Applicable)
      -Clean Windows
      -“Dress” Interior Surfaces

  3. $250? Are you sure?

  4. Sorry to take say I never knew of Ken and his services. Does anyone have his phone number/contact information? I would love to take the opportunity to use him while he is still so close. Thank you.

    • Just drive over — that’s the best way to do it.

    • Ken’s number is 203-454-0827 and the business is called Sparkling Clean at 786 Post Road East. I have had my car detailed there for many years and have always been highly satisficd.

  5. Anonymous, 1

    Good to know. I wish I knew of his location sooner. I spent nearly double ($480) that in Norwalk repairing a car cleaning at another Westport location. The other Westport location having badly scratched up the car.

  6. Good to know my tax dollars are going on detailing municipal cars when I can’t afford it myself.

    • I think that’s the car the WPD seized from the embezzler threw asset forfeiture laws. They use it for Dare, parades, and as show car for the department. I doubt they pay retail. I rather they farm the work out then pay the Cops overtime to wax it. Kenny and his guys do a great job.

      • the point is why does it need to be detailed when a simple wash would suffice? also the irony that the wpd owns/seized a hummer while the town touts its electric car charging station at the railroad station along with the parking ticket police who use prius cars isn’t lost on me.

        • Try and pull a boat out of the marina with a Prius.

          • didn’t realize you needed a detailed hummer as opposed to a washed one to pull a boat out of the water. thanks for the clarification.

            • You don’t, but if it is also going to be used for parades, touch a trucks, car shows and the like I don’t see why they can’t get thing waxed.

    • You wouldn’t want your officers in dirty cars especially when they spend so much time in them. It would be like not having the office cleaned.

  7. I’m sure Kenny does a good job. But why can’t the DPW do it. They have master mechanics and others that would be happy to do the work.

    • I don’t think waxing a car is a great use of time for a Master Mechanic.

      • You wouldn’t hire a master mechanic to wash and wax cars. But if the mechanic had time, and he’s already on the clock, it’s efficient use of town resources.