Jeff Clachko’s “Hardball” Report From Boston Marathon

Jeff Clachko was one of 10 Westporters to complete today’s Boston Marathon.

Jeff Clachko

Jeff Clachko

He’s also Vice President, Universal Sports Sales and Marketing for NBC Sports. Moments ago, he was interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

Jeff described coming down Boylston Street. “I was trying to finish in under 4 hours, so I really sped up,” he said.

Three steps beyond the finish line — he clocked in at 3:58.52 — Jeff heard a loud explosion.

“There’s always lots of noise and music at the finish,” he told Chris Matthews. “But this was different.”

He looked back, and saw smoke rising 20 feet in the air.

Three seconds later, Jeff heard a 2nd explosion.

“Volunteers did an incredible job of ushering runners away from the area,” he said.

Jeff’s wife and 3 sons were watching their father race. They planned to be at the finish line, but got stuck in traffic from Wellesley and were not there.

Jeff did not know that, however. “That was my immediate concern, obviously,” he told MSNBC.

A volunteer offered Jeff a cell phone. Thankfully, he learned, his family was fine.

A shot of MSNBC's "Hardball," during Jeff Clachko's interview.

A shot of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” during Jeff Clachko’s interview.

It took him an hour and a half to make it back to his hotel.

“It’s mayhem,” Jeff reported. “Streets are closed, and there are more fire trucks and ambulances than I’ve ever seen.

“It’s mass confusion all around Boston. No one knows where to go, or what to do.”

9 responses to “Jeff Clachko’s “Hardball” Report From Boston Marathon

  1. Any word on Kathy Muro who finished around the same time as Jeff?

  2. Concerned Neighbor and Friend

    Immediately what I thought of, Creekside. Someone who is friends with Kathy Muro — please give Dan (or us) an update as soon as possible. Thank you.

  3. I’m glad he’s alright. But how horrible!

  4. Brett Aronow

    I am glad to hear that Jeff and his family are fine. This would be a great place to post that all our Westport friends and neighbors are ok. If anyone knows please post.

  5. Brett Aronow

    I just saw on facebook that Kathy and family is fine. I also saw on facebook that Carter Weil and family were fine.

  6. Kathy Muro is safe — you can go to Inklings at for an update and great picture of mom and daughter, who is an editor and writer for the paper.

  7. Concerned Neighbor and Friend

    Here is the actual link regarding the Muros, thank goodness.

  8. PrayforBoston

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this terrible tragedy in Boston. Here’s a full list of westporters who ran in the marathon:
    Bib# wave name age sex city
    918 1/1 Benke, Blake D 36 M Westport CT
    23250 3/6 Berkley, Evan B. 38 M Westport CT
    26102 3/9 Clachko, Jeff 40 M Westport CT
    19744 3/2 Clark, Carol A 48 F Westport CT
    26139 3/9 Garland, Richard D. 51 M Westport CT 9204 2/1 Keenan, David W Sr. 45 M Westport CT
    7157 1/8 Klegar, Kenneth C 43 M Westport CT
    8085 1/9 Martin, Alan H. 44 M Westport CT
    7869 1/8 Martin, Jason 40 M Westport CT
    20198 3/3 Muro, Kathy 49 F Westport CT
    12726 2/4 Pitt, William 51 M Westport CT
    10278 2/2 Rainey, Richard L 46 M Westport CT
    21988 3/4 Riniti, Christine M. 52 F Westport CT
    12205 2/4 Spiegel, Matthew 53 M Westport CT
    26199 3/9 Weil, Carter B. 43 M Westport CT

  9. Here is a link to Inklings, the Staples High School newspaper. They’ve got a story there about Kathy Muro, with a great picture of her and her SHS daughter Emma, who’s an editor and reporter for Inklings: