Just Sign Here

A new granite sign stands at the entrance to Compo Acres Shopping Center, next to Trader Joe’s:

Compo Acres Shopping Center, Westport CT

Now all we need are new sight lines. New traffic patterns.

And new drivers.

9 responses to “Just Sign Here

  1. Like that sign is really needed….duhhhh!!!!

  2. Just one of many unneeded signs in Westport.

  3. Is that to stop the soccer mom SUV drivers from going over the island and making a left to get back to the post road??

  4. Julia La Drule

    It’s a lovely sign. Evokes a time gone by. When men were miners and knew how to work their chisels.

  5. Omg, the new sign at Trader Joe’s is about the most unattractive sign imaginable! What happened to our “charming” town? The sign is too oversized, lacks personality of any kind, and looks like it belongs in a corporate park. Who approved that eyesore?

    • Westport Mama

      Granite doesn’t class everything up? Someone better tell lots of folks in town, then.

  6. Some foolish landlord or merchant group

  7. Ugly!!