Burying Hill Beach Rebuilds

Alert “06880” reader John Karrel sent this photo of Burying Hill Beach:

Burying Hill Beach

Our Public Works Department is overseeing the reconstruction of the steep cement wall, heavily damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

The plan is to have the FEMA-reimbursable work finished by Memorial Day — the start of beach season.

Which — judging by today’s weather forecast — can’t come a moment too soon.

9 responses to “Burying Hill Beach Rebuilds

  1. I was about to angrily ask who was paying for that…then I saw your comment about FEMA-reimbursable and felt better…and then I realized that we pay for that, too.

    I don’t mind helping out my neighbors in distress. But why should I be paying for cleaning up a small beach that doesn’t serve that many? At least when compared to Compo.

    • U. Zooelly N. Trouble

      Sure, God wrecked it so its God’s will and you don’t want the nanny state to mess with it or its mixing church and state. Let’s make the Catholic Church clean it up. The priests can be let out of jail on furlough.

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I am happy to see that the beach is getting fixed before the season starts! I grew up at that beach and it was the only beach we could go to since we had to get there on our own. We either rode our bikes or walked. It was “our” beach and the one where all of our friends congregated. It was a very important part of my growing up in Westport! I visited this beach last December and my heart was broken. So happy that it is getting some much needed attention after Sandy.

  3. On this one- I have to agree with Nanny State. We shouldn’t be paying to fix Burying Hill Beach or Compo Beach for that matter! Storms and tidal surges are just going to happen again!! I wonder if global warming has anything to do with this weather??

    And while we’re grousing- If something breaks at a school so be it!! The teachers, kids or mother nature are only going to break it again!!

    And forget about Long Shore!! If a tree falls on the golf course why do we have to pay to get it off the course!! Play around it- think of it as an unexpected trap!! Makes the golf more interesting!!

    And don’t get me started on pot holes- we waste so much money fixing them- and they only come back year after year!! Just buy a Hummer!! I wish I could start a movement with nanny state being the second person to volunteer to have his/her street taken off the town pot hole repair list- so nanny state doesn’t have to have public money wasted fixing his pot holes- ( I have all ready volunteered to our private street taken off the list!! OOOPS- I forgot- I live on a private street that isn’t on a list for public money!!). Think how much taxes that would save the town and benefit the auto repair shops!!

    Glad Nanny State is speaking out and talking the walk!! Before you know it we’ll all have pot holes all over town and no way to get to the beaches we won’t be fixing up!!

    Does FEMA fix potholes- or just beaches?

    • I personally think FEMA is a complete joke. Whenever you leave something like that up to the Government, you get garbage. They would be better off contracting an independent company or national non profit. Just my two cents.

  4. Nick Thiemann

    Take a look at the walkway between Compo and Old Mill. Sandy wiped it out. The town with funds to be reimbursed by FEMA repaired it better then new. I also believe that it was done with contracts to local businesses.

  5. Jim, FEMA does not self perform their own work. If they did, yes, it would be a disaster in its own right. In this case, like Nick pointed out, they are only reimbursing the town for costs incurred in fixing this wall. It was put out to bid and the lowest, qualified bidder gets the job to do the work.

  6. I’m referring to the actual project coordination and reimbursement. There is no reason it needs to be run by the government just because it is funded by the government. I should have been clearer.