Sweet Frog Hops Into Town

Sweet Frog is Westport’s newest entrant in the self-serve, all-natural, pick-your-flavors-and-add-your-toppings yogurt bar wars. (They say they have a “secret ingredient,” though. They call it “fun.”)

Sweet Frog hopes to open tomorrow (Friday), just down from Fresh Market in the space previously occupied by Xenia Mediterranean restaurant.

Sweet FrogThe Virginia-based franchise prides itself on giving back to the community — particularly through youth sports, clubs and arts.

Even before opening, they bought an ad in the Westport Soccer Association‘s program book for the March 16-17 tournament. And threw in 2 free frozen yogurts for a year to the tourney prize list.

Then they said that for anyone bringing in the ad from the program book, 25% of their purchase will be donated to the WSA.

I assume Sweet Frog has a pretty good product — after all, they’re wildly successful in other places.

But I do know for sure that they’ve “kick”-started their presence in Westport in a big, friendly way.

17 responses to “Sweet Frog Hops Into Town

  1. My children will be overjoyed to discover another place they can satisfy their sweet tooth. Best of all, it is healthier for them πŸ™‚

  2. I truly can’t believe another froyo place is opening in our area. Pinkberry, Top This, FroYo World, and 16 Handles in Fairfield. i miss real ice cream! Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs come back!

    • Big and Beautiful

      Prepare to be attacked by the freaky health nut mothers for that remark, Katherine. The same ones who tried to put Great Cakes out of business. Ugh.

  3. Please tell me why we need 5 frozen yogurt stores in a 2 mile radius??? (Sweet Frog, Pinkberry, Top This, FroYo World and ?Something Peach?)

  4. Jamie Walsh

    I don’t know if Sweet Frog’s taste much different from the rest of the “crowd” that ensure that you can not travel less than a mile in every direction to get frozen yogurt… Think of all the pro-biotic opportunities we are presented with! Seriously though …a franchise that comes in with a community spirit and an altruistic “for profit” approach tastes better to me already!

  5. For all the grownups who want real ice cream in lots of wonderful flavors- Sunny Daes has ice cream, sorbet and gelato that are incredible!! (Wilton Road near the Post Road)

    • Sadly, Sunny Daes is just average, it is not Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs.
      Haagen Dazs is the best, Vanilla Swiss Almond is the single best ice cream in the world. I used to eat it by the pint, starting with the chocolate covered almonds, and finishing with the ice cream.

    • Frank Boten

      Sunny Daes is mediocre at best.

  6. Timothy’s is still in Black Rock. That is great ice cream.

  7. A self-serve frozen yogurt place in Wilton lured me in, but I promised myself that I would get the smallest amount possible–just a taste. The result was slightly more than I wanted in volume, but a lot more than I wanted to pay in price. I felt sorry for the dad behind me who was letting his two kids get their yogurt nd fixings. Brilliant operating model because the consumer only has his or herself to blame.

  8. We have a liquor store every half mile in town, why not froyo?

    • Or we could combine the 2, for 1-stop shopping. Think of the marketing angle: “Frozen yogurt: It’s Vodka-licious!”

      • Add a(nother!) nail salon and it’d be the perfect trifecta! Happy 4th (+2 days) Anniversary, Dan! U da Bomb!

  9. I also can’t understand how so many of these places can exist in such a relatively small area, but hey, like adam smith says – free market will decide that.

    I do wonder though, weren’t there just as many ice cream places when I was a kid? Baskin Robbins, Carvel, Mister Softee, Shrafft’s, etc. Seems that frozen yogurt is just this generation’s ice cream.

    I don’t like going to the self-serve places because my kids eyes are bigger than my wallet, and even if they are able to finish the gallon tubs of frozen yogurt they get, I’m not to thrilled with them eating so much of it.

    Of all of them (and with three teenagers in my house I’ve been to all of them), I prefer PinkBerry, but if we’re talking actual ice cream – a trip to Ferris Acres in Newtown is always a viable option.