Over the past few years, Westport’s pizza places have multiplied like mushrooms.

The latest entrant — with a menu that includes plenty of other Italian dishes — is EATalia. (Get it?)

What makes this new restaurant blog-worthy is that it replaces another Italian place: Joe’s Pizza. The site is the Post Road, opposite the old post office.

But Joe’s did not disappear. It relocated up Main Street, to the small shopping center past Avery Place that includes Sally’s Place.

That puts it just a few pies away from Westport Pizzeria — which hasn’t changed anything (except a few prices) for 43 years, to the delight of pizzaphiles everywhere.

And — to complete the circle — the landlord for EATalia is Mel Mioli. That’s right: the owner of Westport Pizzeria.

Mamma mia!


20 responses to “Eat!

  1. Britt Elizabeth Anderson, Class of 79

    I’m sure the others are fine, but since I’ve moved from Westport almost 30 years ago, I have NEVER found anything as good as Westport Pizzeria. Glad to hear it hasn’t changed. It is still what I measure all others against.

  2. Mary Ruggiero

    Wonder why he’s chosen a spot so close to Westport P. Is he testing the waters for a move there?

  3. Doug Conner '80

    How about Via Sforza?

  4. One other note: Joe’s moved because Mel evicted him from Post Road, anticipating having to move Westport Pizzeria out of its Main Street location of 38 years. Mel moved the competition to a better location and is getting clobbered as a result.

  5. John McCarthy

    We drive past Joe’s and go to Westport Pizzeria. No contest.

  6. Babette d'Yveine

    I think Mel’s landlord raised the rent on the Main Street location, so Mel bought the building on the Post Road, planning to move Westport Pizzeria there, and told Joe he would have to move. Then, Mel’s Main Street landlord lowered the rent so Mel decided to stay. Meanwhile, he owned the Post Road building so decided to “branch out.” If I am wrong, please corrcet me. I think people will choose the pizza they like best.

    • I don’t know who owns that Main Street location now but the nicest older man used to own and live above it during the late 80’s/early 90’s.

      • It’s Malkin properties out of Greenwich. They extended their lease for a couple of years.

  7. Luv Angelina’s, Westport Pizzeria and Mystic (best frozen around)! Recently got 3 take out pizzas from Tarry $$$ Lodge and not only did they put the fresh basil on BEFORE baking the pies but were inedible because the bottoms of each pie were so burnt! Never going back.

  8. Jack Whittle

    Us too JM, and near as I can tell the Miolis are doing just fine . . . but I will continue to check on them often just to be sure ; )

  9. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Dan does Westport still hold the record for most pizzerias in the nation based on population

  10. Also, Elvira’s makes wonderful custom pizzas. And, you can eat outside at their picnic tables with water views.

  11. I fondly remember taking the mini bus downtown on Saturday mornings with $5. We’d get a slice and a small soda at Westport Pizzeria for .95 and have money left over for Hello Kitty stickers at Party Barn. When we moved back to the area, Westport Pizzeria was the first place we took our kids. (Also the site of our first anniversary dinner years ago). Great place.

  12. I’m originally from New York and eat pizza often, especially since my kids love it.
    Westport Pizzeria is okay (a little bland, so kids love it), but the place is a classic and the price is great, as is the help. The location ups it’s value too.

    Joe’s Pizza looks good, especially the crust, but it has no flavor.
    Westport Pizzeria beats it!

    Via Sforza is good plus I love brick oven pizza!

    Tarry Lodge is very good, but I had it once when it wasn’t as good; off night.
    However, I love their grilled Bronzini!

    Angelina’s is okay and consistent, it’s your basic pizza with a nice doughy crust. I prefer thinner crust though.
    I do recommend their grilled chicken Caesar salad, excellent dressing.

    Julian’s Pizza is too inconsistent to judge or recommend, when it is good, it’s great, but you can’t count on that and I have given up on them entirely now.

    Planet Pizza is back in and deserves notice. Years ago I wrote them off due to bland crust and flavor, but recently my kids wanted to go and I must say they have improved. I would recommend them and give them a solid B.
    Of course ambience and atmosphere are totally lacking, but it’s got a quick after school vibe.

    John’s Best is the worst.

    Colony Pizza in Fairfield is very good and maybe my favorite in the area.

    Though Molto’s in Fairfield maes very good pizza and I recommend the place overall.

    Dolphin Pizza in Fairfield is also very good.

    One of my kids likes Mike’s Pizza in Fairfield, but I’m not a fan to say the least.

    Pepe’s is good, but too oily for me. I’ll go if someone wants to, but not on my top 10 list.

    Good pizza is very subjective and it’s really is up to someone’s individual preference.

    • You completely left out what has to be the best pizza around, which all of my kids love to death.

      Jordan’s Pizza. Say what you will about some of their other food (not good!), but the pizza is heavenly.

      • I did forget about them, but I have eaten their pizza, which is why I must have forgotten them.
        I know people have said favorable things about them, but I don’t get why.

  13. Westport Pizzeria gets my vote always for the simple fact that it was such a big part of my childhood. I have nothing but fantastic memories of heading to the “Y” after school to play basketball or pool then we all headed over to the pizzeria for slices. Usually emptying a napkin dispenser to soak up all the oil on each slice but that was part of the experience! We probably cut down the equivalent of a forest the size of Rhode Island with all the napkins we used over the years! May Westport Pizzeria live on forever!!!

  14. Babette d'Yveine

    As a happy ex-New Yorker (happy because I am an ex) I have to say that nothing compares to a Noo Yawk pizza. To be truly great, the first bite has to burn the roof of your mouth, and the cheese pulls out in a long string. I’ve never found anything up here as good.

    I was recently in Italy and tried a few of their pizzas. Suffered by comparison.

  15. ex-Westporter

    Westport Pizzeria has it for me. As an ex-Westporter when I go back to visit the first thing I have to have is a slice of their pizza. Please come to FL to teach on how to make a good pizza. They’re all lousy with a capital “L”

  16. I went in at noon because of the free plain slice 11:30 to 2. I asked for a free plane slice. I ate it and then walked over to pay for the ice tea I drank. He charged me for the slice. I asked why it was not free. He said because the large slices are not free, only the small slices. There were no small slices. This guy is really unethical and unprofessional. Stay away.