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Over the past few years, Westport’s pizza places have multiplied like mushrooms.

The latest entrant — with a menu that includes plenty of other Italian dishes — is EATalia. (Get it?)

What makes this new restaurant blog-worthy is that it replaces another Italian place: Joe’s Pizza. The site is the Post Road, opposite the old post office.

But Joe’s did not disappear. It relocated up Main Street, to the small shopping center past Avery Place that includes Sally’s Place.

That puts it just a few pies away from Westport Pizzeria — which hasn’t changed anything (except a few prices) for 43 years, to the delight of pizzaphiles everywhere.

And — to complete the circle — the landlord for EATalia is Mel Mioli. That’s right: the owner of Westport Pizzeria.

Mamma mia!