The Marathon Hits Home

Westporter Eric Beller spent all year preparing to run in the New York City Marathon.

Instead, he spent today here in town.

But he was hardly idle. Here’s his report:

I went through Compo and Saugatuck Shores looking to help those in need. I thought it would be good to give back today,  since the marathon was cancelled. My friends with whom I trained and I wanted to give back to our community.

After searching the neighborhoods for a while, I saw a home in Saugatuck where clothing and home goods covered most of the front yard. I knocked on the door and met the owner, a woman about 75 years old. She said she had not seen anyone since she got back to her home on Wednesday.

I called Mary Money, a friend of mine from the Unitarian Church.  She called Jim Keenan, Pam Peacock and Matthew.  They all came to the house.

I also recruited 4 friends who, along with my wife Elizabeth, are presently doing the woman’s laundry.

We got the woman to a safe and warm home this evening in Westport.  We are working with the Senior Center for follow-up, and to arrange a dumpster to be delivered to her home.  We plan on going back next Saturday to dispose of most of the contents inside her home, as they are completely soaked. The task could take all day.

With the simple idea of giving back, I managed to recruit 10 other volunteers. This speaks to the generosity of our community in times of need.

A small part of the great damage on Saugatuck Shores. (Photos/Inklings staff)

5 responses to “The Marathon Hits Home

  1. Angels. Truly

  2. How wonderful of you all.

  3. Help thy neighbor! Just look under our own noses and their is plenty to do! Great job! My family spent the day yesterday on long island helping family members empty their houses that were flooded out. They have nothing left but each other. Pray for everyone!

  4. michelletitleb

    great story! it would be great if there was a town website or agency to call to see who specifically could use what help.

  5. I’m helping Best Friends Animal Society transport pets out of the overcrowded NYC animal shelters (due to the storm), so that they will not be euthanized. They’ll go to no-kill shelters in Westchester, CT, MA .
    We need to Borrow dog crates and carriers. Anyone have one? – If so call me @203 856-7428. Thanks
    Best Friends are the people that rehabilitated Michael Vick’s fighting dogs several years ago at their no-kill animal sanctuary in Utah.