Food For Thought — Part 2

Alert — and very insightful — “06880” reader Jane Nordli Jessep sends along these thoughts:

As I write this I know many  fellow Westporters are still without power, warmth and light. Even those of us lucky to have only an interruption of electricity experienced a sense of dislocation. It’s unimaginable what others here and throughout our region are dealing with, losing homes and loved ones.

One’s heart is touched by the sense of loss everywhere. And one is inspired by the efforts of members of our community who are in the thick of things helping others. The young woman who organized rooms originally reserved for runners in the NY Marathon for the displaced in New York.

The fellow who is collecting goods for those hit hardest in Staten Island and New Jersey.

The neighbors who reached out a helping hand to neighbors they know only superficially. The people who opened their homes to friends in the dark and cold. The firefighters and police who have been on the job relentlessly. It all makes one feel so grateful.

I also feel a huge sense of gratitude to the town crew and the CL&P workers, including the hundreds from out of state who are here.

Many crews from out of state drove long hours to get here. This one is from New Hampshire.

Anyone who drove around in the aftermath of this storm must have experienced the sense that I did when I saw some of the devastation. It seemed impossible to imagine the clean up could happen in less than 2 weeks, if not more. The tangles and jumbles of trees, wires and downed utility poles on so many streets were truly beyond words.

Yet here I am this bright Sunday after 5 days without power writing this, with a heart full of appreciation and gratitude. I’m not sure who to thank, and I doubt any of those workers will read this message. Yet I know many “thank yous” are in order.

One is reminded that despite some of our foibles as a town, we are at heart a community that can be generous, kind, compassionate and helpful.

NOTE:  Like Jane, many people have asked how to thank everyone who has helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I’m not sure; click “Comments” if you know (or have someone to thank). Of course, a gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for utility workers — and anyone else you can think of — can’t hurt.

8 responses to “Food For Thought — Part 2

  1. Denny Davidoff

    I passed so many crews from out-of-state on my way to and back from The Unitarian Church in Westport this morning and I just stopped the car whenever I saw people working to shout a “Thank you!”.

  2. This is much better than reading all the westportnow whiners complaining of no power when so many others are dealing with life and death situations. By the way Dan can you get our power back on cross highway?

  3. Sure. Right after I get my own!

  4. I e-mailed the public affairs officer for the CT National Guard. He was appreciative of the kind words.

    Public Affairs Office:
    Col. John Whitford, State PAO
    (860) 524-4857

    • Jane Nordli Jessep

      Thanks, Weston Mom. I will send them a thank you. I also have been thanking any crews I see on the road. And I’m going to find out if the fire dept up the street from me likes pizza. Brought diapers, water and canned goods to the fellow doing the Staten Island run, not much but I hope it helps a little.

  5. Cold in Westport

    Road crews just entered our street. I ran to DD and returned with a box of joe and donuts. Best $35 bucks I could ever spend and handed it off with tears in my eyes. Who knew getting power restored would be so emotional ?

  6. I live in Weston with a business in Westport. CLandP are on my street for the third time and hopefully tonight will be the night they get to me with electric. Every time I have seen them I have gone to Weston Center and bought cupcakes and added some of my own brown sugar chodolate chip cookies for them.Tonight there were so many trucks I trippled what I have been giving and Jim who owns Peters market threw in 10 large coffee and a quart of haf and half. I just delivered it all, putting them on the back if one of the trucks then went from tuck to truck letting then know. They couldn’t have been more appreciative-now fingers crossed and prayers they get to me! If not-more of the same tomorrow + play it forward

  7. Has anyone noticed how at night, with all the lights out, the stars appear so much brighter and more intense than normal. Givs one pause.