Your Generator Needs Oil!

Alert “06880” reader Bart Shuldman sends along this reminder:

If you are lucky enough to have a generator but are still without power, you need to know your generator needs oil. Depending on the size and type, it will need oil once a day, every other day, or every 3 days. Your generator will stop running if and when the oil pressure drops.

Here is what to do to change the oil:

Open the panels that surround the generator.  Find the one where the electrical panel is. Turn off the unit first — NOT THE BREAKER. Your switch should have a middle position that is the “off” position.   Do not turn off the breaker just yet. Once the unit is off, wait 30 seconds — then turn the breaker off.

Once everything is off, look for dipstick. Pull it out, wipe it clean, replace it and see if the oil shows up on the stick.  There will be minimum and maximum marks. If below the minimum, add oil.

Find the oil turn cover on top of the unit. Open it up and add the oil (you may need a funnel). Add about a half a can, then use your dipstick and look again.  Add until the oil is close to maximum level.

Once finished, replace the oil cover and put back the oil dipstick.

When starting generator again, turn on the unit first — NOT THE BREAKER. Wait a few seconds, then turn the breaker on.  Then replace all covers. You’ve  kept your generator working for at least another day.

13 responses to “Your Generator Needs Oil!

  1. Bart Shuldman

    If anyone has an issue I am around all Saturday morning and be glad to help. I can also help you by phone also.

  2. While none of us can control mother nature, surely our town officials can keep us informed of what is being done to work toward resolving our predicament. 

    I drove into Westport from upstate last night. Wow! Lights were on from exit 42 on the Merritt all the way to Harbor Road, yet we taxpayers (amongst the highest)  have not heard from anyone why we don’t have power, what is being  done to restore it, and what we can anticipate in terms of our sewerage. 

    We are not given the courtesy of the status of resolving our predicament.  Shame. 

    If they don’t know the answer, tell us that. We have no Internet, but there are sirens and announcements of what we have to do. There is also paper to put in our mailboxes. 

  3. Mr. Bell, Since you are able to post here, perhaps you should read as well. Inspector Nate Gibbons of the WFD has been reporting on WWPT 90.3fm. The information is thorough and as up to the minute as possible. One report comes following the morning meeting and one following the afternoon meeting. Inspector Gibbons is clear, concise and certainly concerned with keeping all of us safe. We ARE being given the “courtesy of the status of our prediciment.” We were warned to be prepared. That would include a battery powered radio to hear the reports.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Anonymous. Your comment is interesting–telling Mr. Bell to read–but then saying something about a radio station? With modern technology, including this wonderful blog, our town should use all types of media to inform the residents as to what is going on. Not only from Inspector Gibbons but also from our First Selectman, Mr. Joseloff. You mgiht find it better to sit around with a radio in your ear. You might have the time to do that. Thats ok. But to say the only way is the use of a radio, seems wrong and not effecient not productive.

    • gov cuomo just announced at his 10 am sat press conference that gov
      malloy just offered his repair crews to nys today. i am watching in my hotel room while waiting for power to our condos, filled with many seniors.
      there is a disconnect here.

      westport taxpayer

  4. Once again – Bart Shuldman for First Selectman!

  5. Small portable, gas generators burn little oil if working properly, but still should be checked daily.

  6. If Mr. Bell had read other comments on this blog he would have known about 90.3 and been able to get the information he needed.


    Great job Danny you are wonderful and a great asset to the Westport community


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  8. why is ct sending repair crews to nys? goc cuomo reported this on his
    news conference sat am. they were offered by gov malloy while some of sit in a hotel room waiting for power/ heat to come back.

    westport taxpayer senior with disability

    • I have been very critical of our Governor including his tax on the middle class. His handling of this storm has been horrible, need I say more.

      But can you prove that Governor Malloy offered Governor Cuomo repair crews? Utility and tree repair crews that we need to get everyone power in Westport? Is there a video of this or a transcript?

  9. if you drive up sylvan road north of post road a big tree blocks access
    after about 1/4 mile. the tree is lying across wires that appear intact
    And perhaps could save some rewiring time if the tree is removed now.

    its also a safety issue for emergency access when second count
    and taking the long way around could cost a life.

    otherwise a nice beach day

    anonymous tip

  10. reported friday having more than 30 work repair crews and westport reports 11. nbc televised andrew cuomo thanking
    our gov malloy for helping by sending our repair crews to new york.

    ranking our state and local gov with ny and nj. guess who is the distant 3rd.

    voting tuesday