Grateful For Walgreens

Nearly everyone here has a great, Westport business-going-the-extra-mile story to tell from the past few days.

Here’s mine.

Every month, my mother renews a hard-to-fill prescription. She’s come to rely on the Walgreens near the Southport line as her go-to pharmacy. No other drugstore seems to stock it.

Yesterday, I went there for a refill. The store was dark, but I pulled on the front door.

It opened.

A flashlight-wielding employee led me to the back. The pharmacist was busy — by cellphone light — calling customers to let them know their prescriptions could be picked up.

“Our phones are out, so they probably think we’re closed,” she said.

She stopped what she was doing, to help me.

She made calls to a number of other Walgreenses, in Connecticut and Westchester. She finally found one — in Greenwich — with the medication on hand.

Then she asked if I needed directions.

It was pitch black. I told her I’d find it myself.

I thanked her profusely.

As the first employee walked me to the front, the pharmacist was already dialing her next customer.

In the dark.

9 responses to “Grateful For Walgreens

  1. What a wonderful story and great customer service!

  2. I’m so glad you recognized this store. One of the more senior women there (usually behind the photo counter) ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She could not be more helpful.
    A lot of organizations(i.e. Post Office, Motor Vehicle Dept. etc) could use 100 like her to run their Customer Service areas

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I use this Walgreens when in CT and find the employees to be exceptionally helpful and go out of their way to help me in any way. They call whenever a prescription is ready or if there is a problem. They make a habit of trying to know and remember their customers. This means so much to me in this world of little or no customer service. Way to go Walgreens!

  4. It is the small things that make the biggest differences. I live in LA. When my husband had cancer my neighborhood Rite Aid pharmacist and their staff was so warm, friendly and caring. There were many times I would just go in to feel the love before I d into the world that included a dying husband. Thank you Walgreens for taking care of others! I’m with you all in spirit!

  5. Westport Chinese Takeout- little tiny busy establishment has a sign out front- Come charge your cell phone. Nice!

  6. As does the little stationary store next to Westport Wash and Wax on Post Road. I hope people remember these businesses once things get back to “normal”

  7. Westport Chinese Takeout came to make a delivery on North Avenue at the very time huge trees came crashing down by the Merritt overpass, effectively blocking road access to the southern direction from which he’d just arrived. Of course a short ways north of the bridge, lines were already down, yanked to earth by a multiple-trunk 70-foot pine tree. The delivery man was stuck! But not for long — Mystic Road neighbors helped him park his car in their driveway and he called his boss who quickly met him on the other side of bridge. And then he was on his way again, anxious to get the rest of his deliveries made.

    Days later, past the stop sign beyond the Merritt bridge, the top curve of North Avenue is still blocked with lines, cables, trees, and transformer parts all jumbled up together across the road in a really long pile. No work has been started, other than cutting the power and adding more saw horses to alert drivers a bit sooner that they’ll have to turn around… and I thought with all the schools that are on that road, we’d be one of the earliest to have service restored. Ha! But the neighborly kindness we’ve seen has brought warmth of a different kind into our home. Although we have noticed that those without generators seem to be the most caring.

  8. Cathy (Smith) Barnett

    The Southport Walgreens has always had a good pharmacy with great customer service. I believe Walgreens took over Medi-Mart at that location in the 70’s. Back in the days when the blue laws banned Sunday shopping, the Medi-Mart pharmacist called to say my prescription was ready to pick up. I too was escorted up the darkened aisles to the pharmacy and they couldn’t have been nicer. Today Walgreens carries on the same personal, top notch service.

  9. Joyce Barnhart

    A few years ago I read that pharmacists are the most trusted profession in the U.S. A dear cousin of mine was a dispensing pharmacist and he exemplified the kindness and dedication of his profession, as do the good people you’ve described. The Walgreen’s at the Sherwood Island Connector is also staffed with helpful, caring people. It’s heartening to hear such nice stories in a difficult time.