CL&P Contest

Alert — and none-too-pleased — “06880” reader Bart Shuldman writes:

“Let’s start a CL&P truck-sighting contest.  Since it appears only 1 showed up in Westport yesterday, this might help us all know when more will be addressing the power outage issue we have in Westport.”

Click “Comments” when you see a utility truck. The winner receives a PowerBar.

Have you seen me?

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  1. I scouted for them all over town yesterday but not luck. It’s like trying to spot a rare bird.

    • anyone using oxygen out of luck in the shelters because there is no resource in place to serve this need. a local condo of over 50 homes is without power but the surrounding area is up and running. worst of all
      no real facts about when any area is scheduled for repair. havent seen any clp crew yet, but havent visited dunkin donuts either.

      at least the beach is clean

      a senior in westport

  2. Great email. We drove around yesterday for over an hour(after taking a nice 2hr still on surrounding streets). What a fantastic day. No rain, intermittent sunshine….a great day to work outside. Unfortunately, we did not see even one CL&P truck during our travels….not one???
    We had incredible advance warnings for the storm….fortunately our residents appear to have been prepared and heeded direction….though it appears CL&P was excellent at dolling out information, it appears they haven’t taken any action??

  3. They’re in Stamford. Governor Malloy takes care of his friends first. Blatant favoritism again. (Other examples include appointing the president of a union to head CT’s dept of labor while CT has one of the nation’s largest pension problems, side deals with companies to move from other CT towns to Stamford)

    Stamford had 16 total crews yesterday for 36,000 homes without power. We had 1 crew for 10,000 homes without power.

    • Update – Stamford now down to 26,000 without power. Westport still the same.

    • It's going to take a while

      I don’t know Avi, but your first post in this thread sure seems like it has a political bend to it. I know politicians (Dems or Repubs) hate to be called out on doing stuff, but if that’s the way you wish to view the truth, fine, your choice/free speech. As to not revealing my name I do not wish retribution from anyone, hence using a nom de plume.

  4. Not one yesterday and I covered a lot of ground around town. No power bar for me?

  5. Elise Gabriele

    Surely CL&P is doing all they can. Nearly 100% of Fairfield, and as Dan reported, 85% of Westport, were without power yesterday morning. Fairfield was down to 70% last night, and I’ve noticed lights coming on around town in Westport. This storm was devastating. I highly doubt CL&P workers are sitting at home playing hooky.

    • Thank you. So refreshing to read your comment amidst all of these malcontents. CL&P workers are undoubtedly working as hard and as quickly as they can. Mother Nature is the only one to blame for the loss of power…these folks just do not seem to get that in the “World of Me” they all live in.

    • Fairfield is serviced by united illuminating. Not Connecticut light and power. That is why they are up and running. I went through almost an entire cell phone battery trying to reach someone of value at cl and p as well as the governors office. The governors office told me to call some state commissioner nd they don’t handle such complaints. (Sent from my iPad using cellular data).

  6. Bart Shuldman

    Sandy was a horrible storm. It has left some of our friends and neighbors with significant damage to their homes. We hope and pray for them.

    But you need to know our utility company (CL&P) is doing a horrible job getting power restored in Westport. After the storm, 85% of Westport homes had not power. As of this morning, 85% of our homes (10,600) still have no power.

    These will be tough times given the extent of the damage to Westport. But yesterday our First Selectman said he is appalled at the lack of response by CL&P. If he is appalled, you have to believe they are not doing the job we all expect them to do , and quickly, at getting power restored to our town.

    In case you did not read it here is what Gordon Joseloff said:

    Mr. Joseloff…..”I held a news conference at mid-afternoon today and said the CL&P response left me appallingly disappointed. We did not have the multiple crews promised in advance and progress was unacceptably slow in clearing roadways.”

    “But a short time later, I was informed that two additional crews were dispatched to Westport and a little progress was made late today. As for when power will be restored, CL&P is not really saying. I say be prepared for a week or more and be glad if it is sooner.”

    We were all told this storm was coming and told to prepare. CL&P also had enough warning and time to prepare for an effective response. Telling Mr. Joseloff they added two trucks, is insulting .

    To put this in perspective, United Illuminating, the other utility company in Connecticut, is slowly restoring power to Fairfield. As of 9:30 p.m. last night, 68.72 percent of the town was without power — down from 98 percent in the afternoon. That is almost a 30% improvement. We have had NONE.

    I suggest we all start calling CL&P. In addition, I urge you to call our elected officials. Call Jim Himes office at 866.453.0028. Call Toni Boucher at 1-800-842-1421. Call Jonathan Steinberg at (203) 226-6749. Call Governor Malloy (800) 406-1527.

    Let them know we want action!!

  7. It’s abominable that our outage stats haven’t changed in a day. At this rate, who knows if we’ll ever get power back. What about all the promises that out-of-state trucks were on their way to help us? That being said, neighbors, local businesses and the library are working together and helping us out, and that’s worth several power bars.

  8. No trucks. No comments needed.

  9. Ha! At least you had one! I’m up in West Hartford taking care of mom. Last year she had no power for 11 days (!). Fortunately, we didn’t lose power in Westport then, so I was able to bring her down. This year, we lost power Monday at 3pm – with still no ETA in sight. Maybe you can start a betting pool about how many days Mrs. Lance will be without power….

  10. Why would you expect to see trucks, How else could they ask for higher rates?
    and if they put the power underground they wouldn’t have the ‘power’ they have now.

  11. avitus aiello

    I saw one CL&P truck crew at duncan donuts like 11 am… the line there was out the door.. so one wonders.. Hum just where in the line they could be
    – time to place order
    -time for order to be completed
    – time to make way out of store
    -take TIME to drink coffee and eat donuts
    -time to look at watch…. hummm
    -time to head back to shop..days over
    -time to fill out over-time work cards

    we pay no matter what
    and Westport is still w/o power in many areas

    Guess we have to get in line


  12. Just saw 3 trucks going up Wilton Road

  13. Just saw Town of Westport tweet that 4 crews promised, 2 showed up. That sounds like just poor management. Why promise and under deliver? Does “management” not know how many crews they have and how they are to be deployed? We can’t change the weather but we can/should change management – again!

  14. Needed to rant

    Once again we are dependent on a “public” utility to bring in line workers from out if state to help us even clear our roads. We have plenty of resources in town and in the state that are all handicapped by a utility more concerned about their shareholders than their rate payers.

    Bury the wires and cut the BS. In the last 2 years billions of dollars of business productivity has been lost due to lack of common sense investment in our infrastructure. We will see more of the storms. Will we ever figure out what it takes for a state to compete in 21st century America, or will we continue to be nickle and dimed by small minded plutocrats who think its OK to give over $100 million to the worlds richest hedge fund.

  15. Truck spotted at Gorfon’s house.

  16. Westport family

    So glad you wrote this Dan. Why is no one commenting on westportnow? The number of customers without power has not gone down since yesterday. Why don’t CL&p put up a website, educating customers about the problems, their priorities, the challenges. It’s basic customer service and will engender support (hopefully if they are actually doing their job) as opposed to outrage.

  17. Bart Shuldman

    You can’t make this up-please read. I just spoke to someone in Westport.

    A friend called Jim Himes office last night and spoke to ‘Liz” in his Washington DC office. He called to complain about CL&P not being in Westport.

    You cannot make this up–Liz called him back after speaking with Jim Himes chief of staff, and was told there were major problems in Trumbull, including live wires there.

    The problem–CL&P does not service Trumbull, United Illuminating does!! Unbelievable. Maybe Trumbull has a shoreline issue also?

  18. There was massive work yesterday being done by CL&P–and that continues into today–on a downed tree or trees, wires, and CL& P pole on Hillspoint (just below 95). My understanding is that they had to shut off the sub-station near Compo Rd & 95 to work on this, so a large number of people have been affected by this one area of collapsed tree/pole/wires.

  19. 99 Riverside Avenue
    Ah yes, seemingly Connecticut Light & Power, “the utility that one loves to hate,” is at its no-show doings again vis-à-vis Westport. If memory serves (and at age 75 it can play me tricks), this was not true back in the day when customer service meant exactly that (and which United Illuminating still seems to believe in). That said, do arm yourselves with patience and fortitude, and get your t’phones going to register your complaints — all while knocking wood that “the squeaking wheel gets oiled first” still obtains. Best of luck!

  20. Here is the website address that is constantly updated with outage numbers by town:

    Although upset with CL&P we are fortunate to have diligent town departments – fire, police, public works, etc. Parks and rec is starting to clean up Longshore and has asked for volunteer kids (out of school) to come by and help at 1 PM today with gloves and a rake.

  21. Does anyone ever thank the utilities when their work is done? I doubt it.
    After they have worked thru rain, snow, dark, etc. There’s much to the whole process which none of us have any knowledge about. There is much tree work to be done before a lot of the wires can be tackled.Sit down and read a book and calm down. You’ll get your electrical toys back soon enough!

    • Virginia–are you serious??? This is not about Gameboys, laptops and other electronic gadgets! What about the elderly, families with small children, etc. that have no heat, hot water (or any water at all if they have a well) and very possibly no clear streets to drive to a store. Clearly you have your gadgets if you are reading 06880!

  22. Here’s the problem: you can’t restore electricity when large trees have fallen onto power lines. Therefore, contest #1 should be who can spot tree-cutting crews removing these trees. There’s such a tree closing down one lane on Easton Rd (a main road) that as of 9am today was untouched (see picture in a prior 06880 blog). With no street lights, and the fast speed of cars on the road, it’s a wonder there have been no incidents thus far.

  23. Mr. Shuldman — you should run for selectman. You are very articulate and appear to have many answers to many complex problems in our town. Instead of just putting them on paper – why don’t you resign from your current postion and run for First Selectman?

  24. We were one of the lucky 15%… until an hour ago when power went out. Hope it’s a one step backward two steps forward thing.

  25. It's going to take a while

    Could you folks look at the trucks from out of area, like the crews from KCP&L. That is Kansas City, MO. As I walked by coming up from Old Mill on HIillspoint, I thanked them for the work they were doing. I wanted to buy them a beer.

    Folks do you think that it is just Westport without power? 600,000+ in Connecticut alone.

    And thank you Avi for making this a political issue. Very classy. 🙁

    • I can make a distinction between the hardworking folks doing the work and the folks in charge who think it’s a good thing that we rely in MO line workers to help clear CT roads. I’m sure that makes sense on a spreadsheet/p&l… not so much in practice.

      • It's going to take a while

        In listening to NPR Sunday or Monday monring, they had a piece on who the power companies share the linemen in disasters such as this. The companies in our are (Tri-state?) put out requests (job requests?) for 27,000 positions/areas to be covered. The report said that there are only about 25,000 linemen in the country so no matter what the demand is greater then physical people to make the repairs. Over the weekend you could see out of state trucks heading in to the designated staging areas in the state (I seem to remember the number four for those staging locations).

    • Buying them beer is probably not the best idea considering the work they are doing… hot cocoa?

      • It's going to take a while

        I meant the beer in jest. Yes bringing those guys warm food and beverages would be appreciated. I’m sure they’re pulling 16 shifts. I had slogged to my house and back so I didn’t havew anything to offer but at least thanks for their help.

  26. Dear “It’s going to take awhile” – you are the one being political by attacking me for being political, anonymously. You are the one lacking class.
    I stated facts. I’m not political on this. I think Gordon Joseloff has done a great job preparing the town for the storm. CL&P has us on a lower priority. I have issues with Governor Malloy – has nothing to do with political party.

    • Perhaps you should save your political jabs for another venue. We are a town trying to come together. Screw your thinly veiled vitriol.

      • I’m confused – the “jab” was not directed at anyone in the town. The frustration is with the governor. Clearly the town is coming together.

  27. Speaking of out of town crews, I’d like to acknowledge the Blue Hills Fire Dept from Bloomfield, CT for taking calls in Westport.

  28. Governor–you should know.

    Maybe I can help to lower the political jabs. I have spoken with some officials and here is what I was told.

    When it comes to utilities (police and fireman too), the executive branch of the state and local government are in charge. In this case, I am told that Governor Malloy has taken control regarding both UI and CL&P and their work to get power back on throughout the state. He is working directly with them on which towns to fix and what to do first. I was told the legislative branch is ‘not appreciated’ when it comes to any input and comments.

    In addition, our First Selectman has responsibility for the town roads, etc. He has control over the public works for Westport.

    The questions that must be answered, what is Governor Malloy doing to insure Westport gets attention, what is he doing to get more trucks into Westport (as with all towns effected) by CL&P to get the work done, what if any influence has he put on CL&P for or against Westport to get repaired? And what is the relationship between Gordon Joseloff and Governor Malloy to work together to get our power back on? Their relationship is critical.

    We know Gordon Josleoff came out with negative statements regarding CL&P. Is he in direct communication with the Governor? Are they working together or against each other. Time will tell us.

  29. Just spotted cl+p on north ave.

  30. OK – I get the fact that there is a lot of work to be done. But my frustration has always been how long it takes to get that work started. I thought that trucks were going to be “pre-positioned” this time – and ready to spring into action the minute the winds were less than 35 mph. At a news conference before the storm they said that every town would have a pre-positioned line crew and tree crew team in place working together to get the job done. A day and a half later, no progress has been made.

    I might also note that this is a change from the way things used to be. I am usually up around 5am each morning to run. Three or four years ago, after major storms I would not even need to set an alarm. I would wake up to the sound of the chain saws and the beep beep beeping of utility trucks backing up – now, all I hear are the generators.

    • CL&P failed us before and are failing us now. As far as I can tell, Gov. Malloy has done nothing to help Westporters. The argument that big government is necessary in times of crisis can be answered with three words: buy a generator.

      • It's going to take a while

        After reading this thread, I’d send the trucks anywhere but Westport. 🙂

  31. This event will be known as the “Blackout of Information”.

  32. I have never heard so many cries since my last child was in the nursery. How many remember the ice storm of years ago when Westport was shut down for over a week with no TV, no Telephones (no cells then) no roads for days, no gasoline available but with families helping each other, sharing the defrosting freezers etc. But, remember, you are not the only ones. Just take a look at New Jersey and Long Island and give thanks you are not that badly off.

    • New jersey with a tough Governor is going to be back up and running br November 5th. We have no estimations.

  33. Just saw CL&P’s updated outage map/ numbers.. Drum roll.. Westport is now at 86% outage, an increase of 1% since earlier.

  34. Charles Haberstroh

    This is a real example of the problems we face with CLP. Yesterday after the 8 am EOC meeting (about 9 am) I went to Weston Road to try to get to my house on Hermit CT as Hermit Lane, Calvary/Red Coat/Newtown Turnpike were all blocked with trees down across the streets with wires down. (I spent the previous night at the Westport Inn was to make sure I could make the EOC meeting in the morning and my wife could help at the emergency shelter at Long Lots.)

    I did not know at the time that Weston Road was blocked north of the Lyons Plains stop light (before West Branch). When I got there I found a CLP crew in a pickup truck, an ATT truck and a CLP representative who was dropped off to help direct traffic around the blocked area (tell them to turn around). She was diligent at her duties but as she was from Berlin, CT and had no idea of the area. So I decided to help try to open up Weston Road, so that residents in the area could get to and from their houses, like I was trying to do. I was told at the time that CLP needed to shut off the power at the substation which is near Weston Center – then and only then could anyone clear the trees and the wires. Unfortunately they were waiting for a CLP electrician and did not know when the CLP electrician would arrive. I called the Westport EOC and explained the situation to the Westport CLP liaison and shortly 3 Westport Public Works vehicles came to help remove the trees. An hour later a CLP electrician arrived and somehow had to get to the Weston Center substation.

    Apparently there were 6 fallen trees on Weston Road between where I was and Weston Center and a CLP crew was trying to clear a path through the trees. After waiting in vain for 90 minutes for word from CLP Electrician that the power was shut off, the Westport Public Works contingent had to leave for other work. As they were leaving, a DOT supervisor showed up in a pickup truck and promptly ordered DOT vehicles to the scene. Within an hour there were 7 DOT trucks and crews waiting at the Lyons Plains/Weston Road/Ford Street light for CLP to turn off the lines. Finally the electrician truck came back and I asked whether the power was turned off. The crew chief said that it was (why didn’t they call the CLP rep on site and tell her?) but we had to wait for yet another CLP crew to come and ground the wires (something which was not explained to me earlier). Meanwhile the DOT trucks and crews waited and waited.

    While we were waiting a three truck caravan arrived from Kansas City Power & Light trying to get to Weston Center for a 1230 rendezvous in Weston Center. What struck me immediately was that each of the trucks had two buckets, drilling equipment to put poles in the ground and all sorts of tree cutting gear. The dilemma was they couldn’t get their vehicles by the trees, so after they were warned by the onsite CLP representative of the wires down, the crew chief looked at his watch and said he had to get there by 12:30 and ordered the trucks to remove the trees to get there on time. Wow, to have fully equipped trucks and a can-do attitude!

    In short order (literally 45 minutes) they removed trees enough so they could get through for the meeting. However, the CLP trucks which needed to ground the wires still were nowhere to be seen. Finally the CLP crews arrived and about 2 pm we found out that the lines were finally grounded (again only with my insisting that the CLP rep call her supervisor in Weston to find out). Unfortunately we had to wait for yet another CLP truck (it turned out to be a contractor to CLP) to cut the trees off the wires and secure the lines and so at 2:30 the DOT crews finally started to clear the trees. At 4:15 the road was finally clear to West Branch and residents could get in and out of that area.

    The reason I have gone into so much detail on this one incident is to illustrate one reason why this cleanup and recovery is so painfully slow. There were 5 different CLP crews which needed to be coordinated before clean up of this less than 0.5 mile stretch of essential road could be completed. No one at CLP seemed to know where each crew was or how long it would take to get the proper resources to the right place at the right time.

    At the same time the First Selectman is completely correct in his assessment of the lack of CLP resources at the start of this crisis. How the resources have been allocated is yet another issue.

    Despite all the hearings and comments by public officials and CLP, the response to Hurricane Sandy by CLP is woefully reminiscent to their poor responses during Irene and last year’s Halloween snow storm. The coordination continues to be poor and the way that they organize resources is suspect.

    What does Kansas City Power & Light know that CLP doesn’t?

    Charlie Haberstroh
    Board of Selectmen

  35. Bart Shuldman

    CL&P Promises But Does Not Deliver. And where is Gordon Joseloff?

    We all knew what happened in the past. We just went thru it last year.

    Before the storm CL&P made statements about how they would do better. They spoke about EXTRA line and tree workers. A senior manager gave out actual numbers—there would be at least 1,500 EXTRA workers!!

    Gordon Joseloff made some comments yesterday but has not said anything since. Where is Gordon Joseloff? Why is he so quiet? It is much better to communicate and inform the residents as to what is going on.

    Mr. Joseloff–please tell us how many CL&P trucks are in Westport? How many are working on trees? How many are working on lines? Who is managing the situation? You? The Governor? If you feel CL&P is still not getting the job done, then tell us. But tell us something. That is what leaders do.

    Does anyone see a CL&P truck in Westport? I know one was spotted, but anymore?

    “We’re closely monitoring weather forecasts and preparing for high winds and heavy rain that can devastate the electric system and cause power outages,” Bill Quinlan, CL&P Senior Vice President of Emergency Preparedness said. “The past year has been all about improving storm response, and we stand ready to respond as quickly and safely as possible. While we hope for the best, we all need to prepare for the worst.”

    “We are ready and prepared to respond quickly and safely,” Mitch Gross, of Connecticut Light & Power said in a phone interview with NBC Connecticut on Thursday.

    CL&P has put out a request for 2,000 line workers from the Midwest to be in the state by Sunday (before the storm). The company has also requested 700 tree workers. As of Monday, CL&P has commitments for 1,060 of those additional line workers and 500 additional tree workers. They still have requests out for more.

    • Seriously you question where Gordon J is? He’s working for us. This ain’t easy. Easy to post disparaging comments. Not as easy to manage a crisis. My advice to you is STFU!

      • Bart Shuldman

        Andy–must have hit a nerve. However, I do not believe it is unreasonable to ask our First Selectman to keep us informed as other elected officials are doing all over the state and in NY and NJ.

  36. Good news: Just saw a convoy of power trucks – one CLP, two from Kansa City PL and a couple of National Guards trucks roll by. Other news: they were being escortd north by the Weston police

  37. Yes the storm was bad. Yes we need to take care of the homes and people who don’t have homes right now but……A tree ripped the CL&P wires to my house in half. I have a LIVE wire sitting in my driveway. I called CL&P immediately. They told me I was priority. The fire department banged on my door yesterday morning and put caution tape around the tree and wire and tolf me not to drive over the wire. Really? Like this was something i was going to do. No power. Had to rent a car. Last night 85% of Westport out. Today still 85%? Fuzzy math or more likely it’s because THERE ISN’T ONE CL&P truck in all of Westport. Am I crazy to have believed that Malloy would have really got more trucks to Westport? Someone at Westport town hall needs to get a handle of CL&P.

  38. Joseloff is probably home hiding with his tv.

  39. Question… Could the town of Westport employ their own line crew staff? Or could we hire our own independent contractors… Or is this something that we must get from cl&p?

  40. Just the facts:

    Wednesday At 10:20 p.m. today, Connecticut Light & Power Company said 9,784 Westport customers were without power, or 79 percent of the town.

    Tuesday At 9:55 p.m., yesterday, Connecticut Light & Power Co. said 10,362 Westport customers were without power or 83 percent of the town.

    A total of 578 customers had their power restored over the last 24 hours.

    I will remain optimistic that the number of restored customers will start to accelerate. In addition, we should know more about when all power will be restored in Westport as our governor has said: “The utilities will have estimates tomorrow (Thursday) on when all power will be restored. I will do my best to hold them accountable to the people of Connecticut.”

  41. It looks like your local officials are not spending their time pushing CL&P, but do have time for a photo op:
    No CL&P trucks there, either!

  42. Shuldman for First Selectman!

  43. I heard other states were sending power crews to help out CL&P. Last night around 6pm on Long Lots, I saw at least 3 unmarked trucks. I think one was from Wisconsin.

    • Yes–I traveled north on Merritt today and saw the out of state power company trucks heading south. That is the good news. The bad news–they got stuck in serious traffic jam as the state is startting to clear the trees.

      I sent a note to Toni Boucher and Gail Lavielle about the issue to see if state police could get them special escorts—and Toni got to the the DOT head. DOT commissioner Jim Redeker is geting right on this–which hopefully will make it easier for these people to get to our needs.

      Lets try and start a list of suggestions that can only help.

  44. I have been following the comments on this post with interest and wanted to weigh in again with a more explicit observation on the topic. We have been here before but at every level it would appear we have learned little. Edward Deeming, the dean of manufacturing efficiency, introduced the simple concept of plan, do, check, act. In our case it appears each time we have one of these events the drill is the same. There is a lot of talk about planning and I am sure there has been a lot but the result appears to be the same. (see Einstein’s definition of insanity)

    At the risk of being labelled a whiner or worse let me offer some suggestions of learning from the past or other similar situations. Anyone old enough to remember MASH knows full well the importance of immediate triage. I have no idea how long it would take for an individual (with a police escort) or several to drive every street in Westport. Each event or observation gets a code or set of codes. This is all feed into a computer (real time) which has been programmed with past events on importance to the community, number of people effected, skills and resources needed to remedy, etc.

    In 24 hours (max) everyone can see what has to be done and about when it should be done. The town can program its crews, CL&P knows who they need where and when. Mostly people will have information and can plan accordingly. My reading of the comments suggests a frustration over what appears (rightly or wrongly) to be really ineffective management at every level. Let’s change what we are doing so next time we get a different result.

    Plan, Do, Check, Act

  45. Just the facts, progress, but still about 2/3 of town is still without power:

    At 9:30 p.m. today, Connecticut Light & Power Company said 7,919 Westport customers were without power, or 64 percent of the town.

    Wednesday (yesterday) at 10:20 p.m., Connecticut Light & Power Company said 9,784 Westport customers were without power, or 79 percent of the town.

    Tuesday, the day after the storm, at 9:55 p.m., Connecticut Light & Power Co. said 10,362 Westport customers were without power or 83 percent of the town.

  46. Sophia Maragos

    Yesterday morning I called CL&P (again) to complain about the live wire and trees hanging across my road and was completely enraged! The woman astrated to tell me that restoration in New Hampshire was priority before they dispatch any crews to come help CT residents. I asked her where she was located and that was when she told me that she was located in NH taking calls for CL&P. She then told me that there were 12,000 outages in NH. When I asked how many were in CT she told me 456,000! I asked her to do the math at that time and tell me who needed more help! I understand that customer service is overwhelmed, but could we get people to help out who have half a brain! We are all trying to be patient, but after day 5 nerves are stretched thin.

    Will CL&P be willing to allow us all to pay our bills late because we have other bills that take priority? I finally saw some trucks from Quebec this morning…but they were in Wilton!

  47. Bart Shuldman


    Tonights message from Gordon Joseloff, who will only communicate to all of us by CODE RED–the trees were bigger than they thought, it will take more time.

    I’m sorry, but with Irene just last year, did the trees grow that much?

    Here comes the beginning of the delay to getting power to Westport. As we know, Governor Malloy and CL&P said Monday or Tuesday. Now Monday is gone and only Tuesday is mentioned. But the excuses are starting–the trees were bigger. Really? You cannot make this up.

    From Gordon Joseloff “Late this afternoon, Peter Clarke, president and chief operating officer of CL&P’s sister company Western Massachusetts Electric (who is this guy), arrived in Westport and visited our emergency operations center.

    “The good news is he brought with him dozens of line and tree crews – maybe more—to be dispatched to our region (is Westport the region or all of Fairlfeild or all of Connecticut?)

    “The bad news is he says this storm was more intense – he used the words “heavier”—than previous storms. And, he says, that’s why restoration is so slow.

    “According to Clarke, the trees that came down are bigger, and that means more time to clear them and put the wires back.

  48. I get update emails from the First Selectman. Don’t you? Better check your blocked emails!

  49. Just The The Facts:

    CL&P has announced tonight that 91% of their total customer base HAS power. Their commitment is 98% by Monday or Tuesday (now just Tuesday), so Westport and other hard hit towns (except Stamford which is at 84% with power) could have thousands without power and they still meet their commitment:

    Connecticut Light and Power Company reported Friday at 7:35 p..m. that 7,386 Westport customers were without power, or 59 percent of the town.

    At 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Connecticut Light & Power Company said 7,919 Westport customers were without power, or 64 percent of the town.

    Wednesday at 10:20 p.m., Connecticut Light & Power Company said 9,784 Westport customers were without power, or 79 percent of the town.

    Tuesday, the day after the storm, at 9:55 p.m., Connecticut Light & Power Co. said 10,362 Westport customers were without power or 83 percent of the town.

  50. Just the Facts.

    CL&P has announced 96% of their customers have power. Only 2 more percentage points to go and they make their commitment to Malloy–98%. Yet we have thousands still without power.

    Seems like Westport has more trucks and people working, but once the weekend ends, will they be leaving to go back to their towns? Why did it take so long to finally get more help?

    Connecticut Light & Power Company reported Saturday at 10:05 p.m. that 5,202 Westport customers were without power, or 42 percent of the town.

    Connecticut Light and Power Company reported Friday 7:35 p..m. that 7,386 Westport customers were without power, or 59 percent of the town.

    At 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Connecticut Light & Power Company said 7,919 Westport customers were without power, or 64 percent of the town.

    Wednesday (yesterday) at 10:20 p.m., Connecticut Light & Power Company said 9,784 Westport customers were without power, or 79 percent of the town.

    Tuesday, the day after the storm, at 9:55 p.m., Connecticut Light & Power Co. said 10,362 Westport customers were without power or 83 percent of the town.

  51. Bart Shuldman

    Question–maybe those in the know can help answer.

    With schools closed for 4 days, can we have our children back to school Tuesday during the election. One suggestion would be to use Staples Field House, not have gym Tuesday, and have the different polling areas placed in different areas in the Field House. This way we can get our children back to school, get back to somewhat normal life, and also help those that have to get back to work.

    I do not know if there is a law against this–or some regulation–so if anyone knows–please respond.

  52. Guess where CL&P trucks were just spotted! Outside Playhouse Square.

  53. Bart Shuldman

    Just found out schools CAN open and be in session Tuesday. darien announced today they will have school Tuesday. This is not a state issue–it is a local (Westport) one. How about it Gordon–time to show some leadership?

    Here is Darien’s Announcement:
    Darien Public Schools

    Office of the Superintendent of Schools

    Sunday, November 4, 2012

    90-Minute Delay for Students on Monday, November 5th

    90-Minute Delay for Students on Tuesday, November 6th

    I have been advised at the recent EOC meeting by our CL&P representative that all schools will have power at approximately 3 p.m. today. There are two schools currently without power, Ox Ridge and Royle. Ox Ridge is scheduled to regain power at 2 p.m. and Royle at 3 p.m. today. Also, roads have been deemed safe for bus and pedestrian travel. Therefore, all schools will re-open on Monday, November 5th. As was noted in the previous correspondence, we will operate with a 90-minute delay for students. All faculty and staff are asked to report at their regularly scheduled time.

    Additionally, in an effort to maintain continuity of instruction for our students, we will have a school day for all students and staff on Tuesday, Nov. 6 (Election Day). Please note that this had been scheduled as a professional development day for faculty and staff only. Like Monday, we would operate this school day with a 90-minute delay, though faculty and staff will report at their regularly scheduled times.

    It is important to highlight the following items:

    Faculty and staff will arrive earlier than students on Monday in order to prepare for student re-entry. Brief informational meetings led by school administrators will occur for faculty and staff.
    In the best of situations, we must always be alert, attentive, and patient when transporting students, whether it is by car, bus, or foot. Your efforts in supporting a safe arrival and departure for our students are greatly appreciated.
    As is typical practice with delayed openings, buses will run on the 90-minute delay schedule.
    If you do have bus-related questions, please contact our Transportation Department at 203-656-7475.
    We are sensitive to any situations regarding living conditions which might result in student absences, though we ask that you do report absences to the respective school offices.
    We will be reviewing marking period and academic calendars for appropriate adjustments given this unprecedented weather event.
    School and voting will occur on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The delay on Tuesday will be designed to allow teachers to have professional development time and permit voters to attend the polling sites in the early morning with a minimum of traffic interference. We will be providing additional information regarding this situation at a later time.

  54. Just thought I would let you know that my husband is a lineman for Kansas City Power & Light that has been working in your fine state. They left Kansas City on Saturday afternoon October 27 and arrived at their first destination on October 29 (the evening Sandy came ashore), which means your utility company did have crews there to get to work as soon as they could. There were also crews from Montreal, Canada and elsewhere working. Can you imagine the logistics of organizing this, plus you have to deal with the government (city government to state government)? The clean up of the downed trees was (and probably still is) a major problem. Please be patient and remember how fortunate we are to have what we have and that we live in the United States.